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Omg it's my birthday tomorrow!!!

Another year of being a teenager and freaking out MCR lol ;D
Going to spend any birthday money on CD's, Hair Dye and Merch! lol
Oh and Sheldon (me bass) is ONE! lol ;D

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My first MINI GIG! lol XD

Nothing MAJOR! Just me and Sheldon (my bass) on a stage in the field of my school jammin out to Green Day and The Wombats! Got a cheer at the end! First time playing to a crowd! like 50 peeps! lol

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Good Idea?

OKAY, lets make this short and sweet =)

My friends birthday party is coming up and it's THEMED! You have to dress up as a Movie Character and I thought, KILLJOY!
what do you guys think?

My friend has found out she has Paranoid Schizo and she is really upset about it, so much so last night she told me she tried to kill herself. Twice. She was such a happy person and then she finds this out and she got so down. I was worried she was going to cut again but this was worse. She snaps more and I really scared if she is going to end her own life. She is always left alone and she is deadly serious every time she thinks about doing it.

Then while all this is going on, friend too has kept her own problems aside to help our other friend. But she has been bullied at school even more and her father beats her sometimes. I know why she has kept this quiet but she really shouldn't. On top of that, she has gotten so down that she isn't eating and she has become anorexic. She is making herself really ill. This is just as bad as when she used to cut herself too.

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It was all going well until my so calle friend stole my bag and chucked it on a roof, resulting in me shouting at her and me being called a "moving mountain" once again. THEN we had a assembly about the attempted suicide at our school yesterday and someone had the NERVE to go up to me and say "you know about cutting, what happend?"
DO PEOLE HAVE NO BRAINS?! Why would you ask something like that. I'm not even mad it was a horrible Emo related comment at me, i'm angry at the fact someone would ask such a STUPID AND INSENSITIVE QUESTION! Someone wanted to end their LIFE and people make jokes about it.
This resulted in me throwing a cricket bat at someone and almost strangling someone else. Yes i have rage, don't push my buttons.

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4 weeks until school ends...then 1 week until my birthday!

OMG! I can't believe it has been a year already! A Year of learning bass, a year of change for the better. My first concert, my first gig! AMAZING YEAR of being 13! =D
14 gonna be better? I hope so!

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We beat the dark days...

Okay that sounded weird BUT! Who here remembers those horrible weeks were no one could blog because of all the horrible Spam? I mean it was impossible! You blog could be gone in 5 mins because of all the spam. No one would come on here. But you know what? WE beat it! IT'S not here anymore! And the best part? It was a sudden takeover that took us down, and a sudden takeover that won it back! NO ONE CAN SILENCE THE MCRmy! =D
(oh and all the spammers got blocked but that doesn't sound as cool ;D)

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My mum can SHUT UP!

She said to me that i'm just "existing"! That really hurt! She cannot SEE that i am living? Is she ignoring me THAT much? I am trying to live my dream and she thinks i'm only "EXISTING"?
AND THEN SHE HAD THE NERVE TO TELL ME I'M OUT OF CONTROL? I think i'm not! She rants at me for no reason. THATS WHY I'M ANGRY MUM! YOU!

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Am I being stupid?

Right, so! Two of my friends have be hassling me saying "oh you and Soandso (guy friend) Totally should go out" and it always makes things awkward.
Then today it got worse. One of my friends asked soandso if he "like" liked me and apparently he made a noise that sounded like he was saying "yeah". The the same friend asked me if i would go out with him and i was really confused so i was like "i don't know" and she SHOUTED "ALEX SHE REJECTED YOU!"
now it got super awkward and i kinda do like him but i don't think he likes me. I never thought anyone could like me in "that" way.

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Twin Atlantic opened followed by The All-American Rejects. Both fucking AWESOME!
Then Blink-182 came on and the whole place just got up and rocked out! Everyone was singing or dancing about! Amazing!
You may be wondering what the last photo is of. It's the security guards around MARK HOPPUS! Yes, hard to see because of my stupid cam but Mark Hoppus is there!. I was 5 Feet away from him! =D
It's so awesome to be around people like you, all there for the same love of music. Best night of my life! XD