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Ian from Lostprophets is going to court for SEX CHARGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :(

It's really sad that he got arrested but at the same time it is a sick thing to do it he's found guilty! =(


Far Cry 3. 18 rated. 14 year old wants. =(

Any GG's on here? (Girl Gamers) like hardcore gamers?


It was REALLY weird! Half way through learning about Serds and stuff i glance at his desk and BOOM. THE MUG! NOw my maths teacher dosen't look like the type to like MCR but i couldn't resist saying loudly "I <3 MCR?" to witch my friend replied "What does that stand for?"

I smiled, looked my maths teacher in the eye and said "My Chemical Romance" and ran out ;)

All the girls in my art class think the world is ending... XD

Sorry if you think it is too but it is quite funny!
Just because of earthquakes and Hurricane Sandy and now all the flooding up north (England) they seem to take these as omens for the end of the world!
They kept talking about the Mayans and stuff and how they predicted it. They are so silliez!! :3

The world is not ending!!!

Love ya allllllzzzzz!!!!


Anyone got DOS! yet?! =D

DOS is sooo different too UNO!!!! It's more (in the words of Mike Dirnt) "Sexy" and i agree lol ;)
I love Nightlife and Amy such good songs!!
Anyone got their own faves?

Saw this and LOL'd
Advice needed!!!!

OKIES so background info before the problem. In my band we have 3 girls and a guy.

The singer (Girl) fancies the guitarist (guy) and he has been TOTALLY AND FULLY flirting with her. Like, PROPERLY FLIRTING AND STUFF! She wants to go out with him and i think he fancies her. BUTTTT If they go out (which i would be happy about) and they then break up...what about the band???? Would it be awks? Would we break up?!?!

What should i do? Help them get together at risk of ruining mine and the drummers dream as well as theirs OR stop them?

All Time Low, Less Than Jake and The Midnight Beast <3

I got some EPICCC Cd's today in my countries capital today! Just for the record, I LOVE LONDON!!!!
I got ATL's new album Don't Panic WHICH ROCKS!!!
I also got LTJ's Hello Rockview because i LOVE IT!!!!!
ANDNDNDND I got MB's Midnight Beat because they ARE HILARIOUS!!!

I got two amazing tops aswell ANDDDDDD MY IEROWEEN COSTUME CAME TODAY!!!!!!!!

Holy Crap Tenacious D TONIGHT!!! =D

OMG!!!! GOING TO SEE THE "Greatest Band EVER" tonight!!!
Jables and Kyle!

I'll put picccys tommoza =D