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Can I ask for your guys opinion??

So my friend (girl) has a new girlfriend and i'm very happy for her obviously. Shes had bf's before so i just assumed she was bi. So i asked her "when did you know you liked girls too" and she said she didn't BUT only loves this one chick. So basically she's straight but has feelings for this one girl.
Now she's 13 (almost 14) and her gf is either 12 or 13 AND they were best friends before hand. I'm thinking maybe shes just going though this time where her body is figuring out her sexuality and she thinks she likes her best friend and shes a tad confused.

I don't know what this is really?

So me and my friend have just been endlessly singing out High School Musical songs (1,2 and 3) all day! Really annoying the rest of the kids but we have had fun :)
While we were singing all this I decided to ask me Bio teacher what songs he used to listen too and he pulled up some old punkish stuff (awesome btw) and I said it sounds a tiny bit like The Cure.
HE THEN tells us he used to have jet black, longish hair and teased it up to look like Robert Smith XD When I told him Mr Smith lives down near where my school is HE ACTUALLY HAD A FANGIRL MOMENT :L

Funniest day ever!

I've never been jealous before :/

So I actually thought I had dropped enough hints, flirted and made it subtlety obvious I had a thing for this guy. And I also thought he had started to like me back. Cloud nine basically.

That was until this weekend when he talks about still having a crush on my friend (and the last time he mentioned this was like 1 year ago so it seemed like he had gone off her)

I was heartbroken for the first time in my life. What's worse is (me being one of his close friends) I had to then smile and give him some advice on how to get her to like him.

I really love my friend to pieces but I keep getting

My dad surprised me with A7X tickets this morning!!! ^-^

OHMYGOD was I excited! I had told him they were doing a mini UK tour and then BOOM he comes into my room saying "Oh 2 tickets for us"
I couldn't even manage a thank you! I was lost for words. Once he had left my room I was bouncing around and screaming into my pillow!


\m/ ^-^ \m/

That was probably the best moment ever! ^-^ friend said MCR sucks

So i calmed myself down, looked her in the eyes...and pretend to flip the desk :L
My bio teacher wasn't to happy about that and i got sent out, my friend laughing the whole time!
So as i left i locked her eyes and whispered : "Beyonce sucks more" and walked out backwards, middle fingers raised high. Her face was like :O

Best. Day. Ever! :D

Mikey's new tweet :0

Then i woke up :(

I need help figuring out a different website :L (Roosterteeth / Red vs Blue fans?)

Yeah so i've liked them for 3 years but only NOW have go a account on their website...and i am confused. Someone help? Like what it the bar under the PP that has 1-50 in it? and Awards?

Be Jelly peeps! CHEMISRTY CAMP!!! (God i'm such a nerd) XD

I've applied for this AWESOME sounding thing called Chemistry Camp where you go to a university for 3 days with other 14/15 year olds and do chemistry in a uni lab!!!
So i applied for Canbridge as my 1st and 2nd dates =D
Basically this is the biggest nerdy thing i've gotten excited over!!!