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Life With Out MCR.

Last night i got to thinking... What would my life be like if my mate never showed me Green Day and without me finding MCR?

i would still be a bitch with no dreams, i would be listening to crap music like Jedward , YES JEDWARD! (i was messed up). i would be all flowers and pink and i would of never asked for my bass.

Yeah music has stopped my depression and cutting, but it has also changed my life.
What would YOUR life be like without MCR or this kind of music?

In a Perfect World

In a Perfect world... i would have Taylor Momsen's hair and singing voice.
In a Perfect World... i would look like Hayley Williams and have her personality.
In a Perfect World...I would be able to play bass like Mikey Way and be as awesome as him.
In a Perfect World... wait... there is no perfect world.
Because if there was... i would not be posting this wishing i was all of the above.

Dreaming, I was only Dreaming.

"To Thine Own Self Be True" - William Shakespeare
need help decoding it?
"be yourself and like what you wanna like and don't give a fuck what anyone says, you never asked for their opinion!"
i know this is the second 'don't give a fuck bout any negativity' post but i mean it. this is like a prep talk to myself and others. i need to build up some confidence before i go to school again. i need to stand up for myself and if i can do it, anyone can.

also (random) i had a MCR dream last night. we were in the Diner (my primary school?) and we need to hide from Korse.


ok so it's now official, MCR are in the UK!!!! better yet, playing 2 hours away!!! sadly i couldn't get to tickets to Reading, =(

anyway, last night i was watching Edinburgh Comedy Fest Live 2011. that was yesterday (thurs). i SWEAR TO YOU NOW, Mr. Frank Iero was in the audience...

now this could just be someone who looks like him, but i paused it and he looked just like him!! i think it was him! i pondered over weather this was possible and i could be. he could just be in Edinburgh for the fest to catch a show, then fly/drive down to Reading last night or today.

Like It's Her Birthday! (also i need MORE help killjoys)

once again, i'm sorry for the random title, i'm listening to Good Charlotte. =D

Speaking of music i only have 58 MCR songs?!! thats not really much compared to my 130 Green Day songs. yeah random facts for you!

so it's day "dos" of my mate knowing about me and it hasn't really come up. i still don't know if i trust her. i took some of your advice and told her the truth and she said she wasn't going to tell anyone. i lied a bit, telling her i don't really know for sure, but the truth is i do. so i like girls as well as guys? big whoop.



here's the story. my mate (not really close) and i were talking on FB and she had a relationship problem. i tried to help but in the end i said "i can't help, i have my own relationship problems". her being her she wanted to know. i told her to guess. i told her to think back to something i said. i had said to her (this was when i was helping her) : "so? and no your not. well maybe he likes (take this seriously) guys as well as girls. you know. bi. but doesn't want to admit it so he goes out with a girl who looks like a guy..."
she said this again and "i said yep thats the bit."
her :

I don't care what you think!

sorry, i started randomly singing FOB there. (hence the title!)
no i'm normally a early bird, getting up around 7-9 am. not today killjoys. 11:11 AM ON THE DOT! granted i did spend most of last night writing my fan fic (not any phase eg. danger days) and i went to sleep at like 2:00am.

and, just randomly, a rumor about me has sprung up on FB. not a bad one, just people saying i started a fake account and it was sad. NOT TRUE. some of the comments made me a bit depressed.
"oh dear Charlotte Ur so gay making a fake account." was one of them.
you know what?


back from my holiday! i got Danger Days (finally) in a massive music store.
listened to it in the car. god, in Na Na Na felt like i was in a '79 Trans Am cruising down the Californian desert. Sadly, i was in a Citron in a country lane in the Isle of Wight.
also with my overprotective parents i have to fake a cough every curse.

"na na na na na na F *cough* like a Kennedy"


i wont be randomly blogging for the next week and a bit. i am going to a exotic land called "the isle of white"! Jokes. been like 10 times before and it's not that exotic, unless you count amazon world! staying with my aunt and uncle! happy times! listening to MCR and GREEN DAY to annoy my whole family! Have fun if your going on holiday and...

Keep Running! =D


"I know the minute i touch a drink again is the minute i lose everything i've got" - Gerard Way <3

I love Gerard's dedication!

“There's less violence in the world when people are using Hula-Hoops.” - Mikey Way

I love Mikey's Point of the world!