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BBC ARE FUCKING HIPOCRITES! (did i spell it right?)

so someone was complaining about the bbc saying bad shit about MCR. so i checked it out.

so the bbc think MCR and the leaders of the 'emo cult' and they get kids to follow them with subliminal messages in their songs?

1. they fucking help people
2. it's a sad day when people can't dress the way THEY WANT to dress without being labeled.
3. their songs are NOT emoish. sure they are full of EMOTIONAL stuff and lyrics but lots of people class them as Punk and Rock and even some people call them Metal.

How The Snake, got Her Bite

Ok this is my Killjoy, Snake Bite. She is 19 (this is in 2019) and was from Oakland CA before BL/ind took over. Her gun is twined with Kobra Kid's but all the red on his is black on hers and all the white on his is red on hers.

Now your probably Wondering "why has she got Kobra Kid's Bandana on?"
well i'll tell you.
Before she became a Killjoy, her and her mother were in zone 4. One day the Four Fabulous Killjoys came to do some trading and she got to talking to Kobra. they shared a common interest, bass.

Bryar tears

so, i can't even watch any video from The Black Parade without feeling sad. Why? because i Miss bob. (it's funny, i'm listening to I Miss You by Blink182). Bob was funny and awesome and i do really miss him!
but he is still here!!!
i was board so i read the credits of my Danger Days CD. MR.B. Bryar is credited.
yep, that made me happy.

"all songs written by Iero/Toro/Way/Way 2010 bla bla bla. EXCEPT tracks 2,3,6,8&9 Bryar/Iero/Toro/Way/Way."

this could be another Bryar, but i don't care, i'm going to believe it's him!

On a Scale of One to Ten...

ok, so i really would like my lip priced and i was just thinking "am i being realistic?"
I mean, i haven't even got my ears priced (only because i'm making a statement that not all girls need holes in their ears and that it shouldn't be expected of girls to have them priced).
so, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most painful) how much does it hurt?
i'm ok with pain and stings as long as it's not for too long.
also, are there any tips to reduce the pain.?

another thing (randomly) i was looking at this poster i have of Frank that came with my mag.

My New Look.

Some of you might already know i'm changing my look. thank god my school has a uniform because this change will take ages.
now my new look (like i have already said) is based on a guy. i just want to know if you think it's wired a girl wants the style of a guy????????

(psst, the skeleton gloves i am going to buy have nothing to do with my new look, i just love them!)

also, since Irene, i've been looking at the News more and i hope things get better quick. And Anybody in Canada, good luck and i hope it misses or blows out before it gets to you.

Keep Running xx

God DANG IT!!!

ok, so i had to go shopping with my family (boring) and i saw some gloves like Frank's! (black half gloves with a skeleton hand thing going on.) i LOVED them but, my mum being my mum said NO!!!
so, i'm going into town (hopefully) with my mate to find and BUY the gloves. they are awesome.!
sure they won't go with the new look i'm trying but i don't care i love them. and i found them in a girly shop? who knew?

anyway my new look? i won't say on the fact that it's based on a guy and i'm NOT a guy, (besides all the hate comments on FB) i'm a GIRL.
i know i shouldn't care but i do about this.


Some of you might know or not know, but if you watched Reading on BBC3 it skipped some songs!
Lucky for you if you read this before 2pm, you can go onto BBC1 and press red button to watch the performance WITHOUT any song Skipping!!! =D

Vampire Money
Kids From Yesterday

and every other song they skipped!!!

and that's OK!


i feel so fucking great!

so some bitch says something bitchy, like she always does. she then has the nerve to talk to me on FB.

you know what i did?
Me: are you on some personal mission to make my life as fucking depressing as possible?

now i'm in a fight, saying every thing i have been holding back for all the 13 years of my life!

Now we know who sucked all the helium out the ballons!
Today is ...

Ok so today is my happy day!

i started when i was walking my dog and "You Get What You Give" by the new radicals came on my iPod. that song is SOOOOO uplifting!! then to make things better "Into Yesterday" came on JUST as the sun came out!!! I think today will be a good day!

I got home and listened to DANE COOK!!!! he is one funny motherfucker!!

i feel really happy so i WILL tidy my room and I WILL sort out my bookmarks.
if you feel down today listen to one of those songs. i don't know why i'm happy though. last night i did something stupid.