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You know what's wierd

Tom from blink is all ways wearing Macbeth
Travis is all ways wearing Famous Stars and Stripes

Time for a bit of Old School!

Misfits, Ramones, The Smiths...
Freaking classic. Period.
Been listening to The Misfits all day and was listening to The Ramones all day yesterday. Guess what i'm doing tomorrow!

Any other awesome old school-ness i've missed?
(ps i mean in this genre, i already like AC/DC and Metallica and Kiss and all that....)


so i was just chillin on DamnLOL (funny pic site full of awesomeness) and i found this pic! at first i was like who the fuck is that? then i looked down and i saw it was TRAVIS FUCKING BAKER!


ok so me and my buddy (who is a girl btw) have started texting more since she is ill and is not at school. We start texting as soon as we wake up and stop about 11pm. Seeing as she likes batman and so do i we picked our fave characters. She's joker and funny enough, i'm Harley Quinn...
So, we act like the characters through our texts and we both know Harl has a crush on "Mr.J"
So to be funny i started calling her "Puddin'" and "Mr.J" in my texts and she calls me "Dear"...
sometimes what we say is kinda subtlety flirty?
Or am i just Paranoid?

Ps: RIP Steve Jobs!

Any clue?

So, in 8 mouths and how many ever days, i will go to my first ever concert. With my cousin who is 27 and i'm 13.
anyway, it's a Blink show! my cousin is the only one in my family who likes that kinda music!
i know it's ages away but i know lots of you had gone to the Honda Civic Tour? i was wondering if you could tell me how awesome it was? and how rowdy the crowds got (i'm too young to be in the standing to mosh =(...)
Also, the language Tom, Mark and Travis use?

and how much is murch normally?

B stands for BEST!

i randomly started to look up B-Sides and i am in love.

I love Under Pressure ft. The Used the most!


Why Change?

SO ages ago, i told you guys i found a member of the MCRmy at my school right?
well today i hung out with her and she asked what people think about my music taste. i told her people call me emo (even though i not) and i normally have music debates. she looked at me a said "i used to be all dark and self exspressent, but now i'm in secondary school, i've changed to fit in"
i called her a sheep.
i mean why change who you are because other people aren't like you? i'm who i am and i won't change for no one, so why should she?

Soz i bore you, i just wanted to tell someone who cares bout MCR...

the OTHER f word

Looks like a good film/documentary or a Rockumentary as it were... =D
is it coming to the UK cinemas? couldn't see it on the Odean website...

Gerard's First Date!!!!!

Fooled YA!!! this is just Gee stealing Tom's thunder! lol