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i couldn't sleep at ALL lat night!!!

i had my ipod on like normal. light off, curtins closed. i was all snuggled in my bed. oh yeah, i was coughing my lungs out! i have a really bad cough, and it's only really bad when i lie down! so i couldn't sleep at ALL! i stayed up watching American Dad and Russel Howards Good News. i finally fell asleep at 1:30am sitting up so i was really uncomfortable! i then woke up at 6:00am! ?!?!?!? but i fell back asleep and woke up at 9:30! i am so tired! and i can't have a nap! almost lunch (roast lamb!) and then we're going to my grandparents!!! but hopefully i'll have a good night tonight!

I know it's weird... but the teachers at my school are EPIC!

Mr.Ingram- normal humanities teacher...but likes Blink-182 and has been to reading twice. he likes Slipknot and Limp Bizkit as well. and MY CHEM TOO!
Mr.Green- again normal humanities teacher...BUT WENT TO SEE GREEN DAY BEFORE DOOKIE MADE THEM BIG!
Miss.Brown? (i think thats her name)- used to be (her words) a goth and then she became garage grunge chick! she used to read Kerrang! mag too!
Mr.Richards- English teacher...who likes Blink-182, green day and MCR. he's jelly i'm going to see Blink!
Miss.Copcutt- art teacher who likes PAPA ROACH and others like them!

My School= EPICNESS!

Ginger Ninja Assassin!

What ya think?


SING... i've found it a bit boring the last time i heard it...
now don't hate me! but i like Sing it For Japan. i know they are the same song but i like the Japan version better. it's softer and calmer. and it really is helping a good cause.
don't be hating

My Painting of Jinxx!

i would love to hear some comments about my art. i know it's not a work of at but i think it's one of my best so far!
and my scanner isn't working so sorry about the crappy quality!


so his wish was granted...
Gerard is on Yo Gabba Gabba.
i keep trying to watch the video but every time i press play i start to crack up! XD i mean it's so different! i love it!

Advent Calender Jokes 1,2&3

How many days are in the alphabet at Christmas time?
25 because the angel said Noel!

What is a mothers favorite Christmas song?
Silent Night!

Patient- "doctor i've got a Christmas pudding stuck in my head!"
Doctor- "i think i've got some cream for that!"

I saw this pic and i LOL'd!

i know it's dissing one of my fave ever bass players but i like it!
I <3 Mike Dirnt, Mikey Way and Mark Hoppus the MOST! <3

2011 - the year that changed me...

Jan - who was i? i pathetic try hard. i tried to fit in with the "IN" girls and like the things the like. i just felt left out. and with my stomach getting in the way, i just looked like a chavv-y trying-to-hard blob.
Feb- i stuck out. i was the one who was being to "crazy". back then i cared what people thought of me. i was disgusted with myself.
Mar- i found something new. in the form of AC/DC. they changed the way i felt about music. i realized i'd rather listen to them than the crap i was listening to before. i started to change.
Apr- a friend recommend me a new band.

Before it might of made some sense but now it's all FUCKED UP!!!!

i hate myself!!! i was planning on this massive art project i was going to do and it had a real meaning you know? well anyway when i started it came out all cartoon-y which isn't what i wanted!!! >-<