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I know i'm being stupid but it's working...

since last thursday i've started a sorta mini crash diet. i don't eat until my evening meal with my family. so no breakfast, no lunch, just dinner. if i'm hungry i have a cup of coffee. i know it's stupid but it's not like i'm totally starving myself. and i'm only doing it for 7 weeks like Jared Leto (even though he said himself it was bad). i'm keeping a food diary and every thrusday i'm weighting myself. so far i've lost 5lbs in 5 days. so i'm not sure if it's totally working or not.
and is it a stupid idea?

My Drawing
People at my school clearly don't know the difference between a punk and a emo...

ok so, i consider myself a punk. i enjoy the music and i guess what you would consider punk sports (skate/snowboarding). i guess you would call my style punk and i have a very messy/Hayley Williams inspired hair cut, blond (natural).
the kids at my school seem to have this fixed in their minds. apparently i wear all black, i like emo bands (thats what they call MCR?), my bedroom is all dark and i am a emo.
correction to them all: i don't wear all black (my fave colour is acid green), MCR isn't emo (its punk/alternitive), i have white walls in my room and a blue carpet and it's coverd in

For the first time in a year and a half, i cried last night.

i was fine all day. of course it crossed my mind but i never thought i was going to cry. i went to bed early last night and i remembered i made a promise to some people on you tube i would watch a Video. and i've seen this video before but this time, it made me cry.
I am going to miss him, foREVer.

Beloved Son, Brother, Best Friend, James Owen Sullivan

We all know, Jimmy or The Rev was the epic, talented and funny drummer for the band Avenged Sevenfold. and we all know that he sadly passed away on 28th December 2009. tomorrow will be the 2 year aniversery of his death. i'm not here tomorrow, so i'm doing it now.
The first picture is one i drew of The Rev, the second is "foREVer"
Well all miss him.

My Picture of Frank

this is a picture i drew of our Frank! happy holidays everyone!

So I was watching tv....

And The Beast and The Harlot video came up (A7X if you didn't know).
and correct me if you think i'm wrong, the video i think Zacky looks like Frank (but not now, like 2004).
anyone else thinks so?
Hair- Both got the long black bit, but the blond on Frank is purple on Zacky!
Eyes- both smudged with pink
lips - both got lip rings.
Instrument (has nothing to do with it really)- both Rhythm guitar!
lol! XD

Stolen lol

Fill in the boxes with an 'x' if you have done or did, or like the things listed.

[] I have dyed my hair since early childhood.
[] I dye my hair funny colors just because Gerard Way dyes his hair funny colors.
[] I have never dyed my hair. (I want it Gerard red but apparently I'm "too young")
[x] I cut my hair a lot.
[] I don't like to cut my hair.
[] My nails are always painted black.
[x] I paint my nails despite what people say.
[x] I barely paint my nails.
[] When I paint my nails, the color bears meaning to me.
[] I don't like to paint my nails, it's too girly.

[] I


i know it's early to be saying this but, another year has past without the awesome Jimmy "the Rev" Sullivan in the world. Sure he will be missed but A7X has gotten over the sad loss and dedicated a awesome album in his name. M Shadows even said in a interview "if we hadn't of carried on, we would still be in that dark place".
Now, there is this thing going on on you tube. People are going to watch So Far Away on the 28th. If you can, watch it. but if you can't, it doesn't matter.


Wow... and i'm the Charlotte there talking about...

Alice Cairns: phashahahaahahahaaa
Matthew Randall: i have to say alice you are a bitch
Jamie Foley: matt thats harsh man

Alice Cairns: aha cause its a jokey comment, dry scence of humour you have.
Matthew Randal:l i do
Matthew Randal:l but still its not very nice to Charlotte is it.
Jamie Foley: no ones not nice to charlotte shes fat and obese
Matthew Randall: she got issues ill admit but i cant see why everyones mean to her she is rather fat though
Jamie Foley: she is is a terrorfing monster