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ok i know you wanna win but...

what help is it going to do? is it going to make them better? did MCR get where they are by wining a vote? no! they got where they are today because of the MUSIC! thats what this is all about. since when was this all a popularity test? i know you want them to win to show you love they guys but what is it going to do? tell me a good reasonable answer and i'll take it all back.

Dancing Zombies! <3

no, i am not talking about MJ's hit Thriller, no. i have these moments where i get hooked on one song for a week. now this weeks song is Dancing Dead by A7X. ANYONE WHO UNDERSTANDS WHAT A FUCKING EPIC SOLO WILL KNOW THAT THIS SONG HAS ONE OF THE BEST!
and it totally suites me because, you know, i love dead things and zombies!
Also i'm totally wanting a VU Tee but they only have them in XL and XXL and i'm only a L so yeah...but my ma says i can have one if i save up $25 (around £16 is it?)
(^ i'm hyper so thats why i'm blogging all my random dead related things!^)

Day Time Tv and Alcohol is weird...

yep, sitting watching Judge Judy and waiting for Jeremy Kyle to start again, drinking rum and coke at 12 in the afternoon. hey it's 6pm somewhere, but i shouldn't be drinking at my age. it makes Day Time TV different though.
have a picture of a cat ^-^

Me Playing Green Day! ^-^

I'm wearing me Bootiful NJ tee as well! and i'm playing on a Mike Dirnt badass bass!
do you like it (pleaz bear in mind i've been playing for 7 months so i'm crap!)


rockin out to Danger Days. has it really been that long since i last listened to it? and i don't remember the last time i listened to Black Parade? what is with me?
i've been rockin out to Revenge and Bullets lately!
crazy right? \m/ ^-^ \m/

Lol! This is why i Love my mum! XD

ME and My Mum's skype convo! XD
She knows who BVB are! XD


Help. Sister having 24 hour sleep over while parents out. please send horror films, video games, mcr and soundproof headphones asap.

Omg =(

I still can't believe Whitney Houston is dead. she was such an amazing singer and actress! even with all her problems with drugs and stuff she was still a good person.

so my friend draws a pic of me...

she asked me what i wanted to look like so here it is:
Hayley Williams Hair
Vengance University Tee
Grey Skinnys
and Black Converse!

I've Got It Bad....

Yes. Thats right. The girl who says her only love is music now has fallen for a guy!
sweet, nice, and oh yes, he has a GREAT taste in music.
prob is i'm like a guy repellent!
keep it between us though?! ;)