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Bloody Bitch

ok i know i don't normally Whine or Moan but today was S.H.I.T
so i had a chocolate bar and i really wanted to have some of i had some in class and i gave some to my mates and it was all ok until i overheard some BITCH on the other table go "oh my god, look, she's having chocolate bar? fucking fatto!"
now i'm not one to let people walk all over me so i glanced at her and mouthed "yeah i'm eating chocolate, slut" i couldn't think of anything else to say.
now shes like "um how am i a slut?"
so i try to explain it's rude to talk about someone behind there back and she's like oh you were looking


lol, anyone else love comedy? well i do and Dane Cook is one of the funniest guys ever!
the Car Alarm joke is my fave. Laughing My Ass Off!
Gas-o-line makes me run!
Back seat...trunk space.
Oil is my blood.
Seat knobs!
That Dane Cook is a silly bitch. XD

Davy Jones has died!

i can't believe it. it seems everyone is dying!
He was a legend and i loved the Monkees and now the lead singer is gone. he was only on the TV a few days ago!
RIP Davy Jones
66 years old.

2012 has soo much awesomeness to hold! \m/ ^-^ \m/

long awaited album releases! people working on new stuff.
and going to see War Of The Worlds on the stage!
so how is 2012 gonna rock your world? and hopefully the word won't end! XD
kinda late seeing as it's Feb? oh well!

Anyone Else Loving LostAlone? (besides Gerard!) XD

i for one am loving them!
they are so epic and the just rock. check em out.
just thought i'll let you know my latest new band find! XD

Drawing on the wall because imma bad ASS!

WOOT WALL PAINTING! sticking it to my parents! hell yeah lol!
Viva La Gloria!
Death Bat!
i'm going to make this my "drawing wall"
any clues to what else i should use?

ok so this kinda makes me think more...

i found out that my dad is on anti-depressants. those of you who saw my last blog will know that i was asking about genetic depression. i now seriously think that i have the same issue as my dad in the way we both suffer from depression as well as my granddad and i am bi-polar. then my mum reminds me that when i was younger i had trichotillomania but my mum stopped me but i still do it when i am real stressed and depressed.
any thoughts? i don't want to be like my dad and have to take anti-depressants every day.

Genetic Depression

pretty sure it's from my dad's side. he seems to think he got his depression from his dad. i'm not sure if i have it? i know i get mild depression and my mum seems to think i'm bi-polar.?
anyone have any clue if this is genetic or not?

Woot Awkward Teen Problems!

1. Spots have come out of hiding (again)
2. Weight is increasing to danger levels (not just saying that. no 13 5ft 7 girl should be 13st! damn you comfort foods!)
3. bullys
4. i feel more political and very much against the government?
5. and this is the weird thing. i have this weird relationship with my parents and i feel awkward talking to them. and then my mum goes "i think we should have a heart to heart". i feel really awkward and say some random stuff about "not worrying about me, worry about yourself". yeah i hope she has forgotten.


First Festival? 0-0

Ok so me Aunt lives in Isle Of Weight and the line up for the IOW Fest is like AMAZING! (biffy clyro, Enter Shikari, the Darkness)
i've asked my parents and they are thinking about it. we could stay at my aunts. i shouldn't really be asking because my mum spent £178 on tickets for me and my cousin to see Blink-182!

Soo, question to you:
any Fest's or concerts you guys lookin forward too this year? or what ones have you been too that you loved?! <3