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Who remembers the Mikey Way look alike i told you about? turns out he likes MCR! makes the whole situation awesome-er! And, seeing as i'm really good at making awkward situations, should i tell him he looks like Mikey, because now i know that he knows who he is. < that makes no sense! lol
UNLESS...he's got an account on here! omg! then this would be awkward! lol.
He's English in case he does see this. and his name is Chris! lol

Oh The Times Are A Changing

20 years ago. 20 years ago the best thing you could have was a pencil case that came with everything. now the best thing is technology.
i'm glad i was born in the 1990's! they will never know the joys of GOOD KIDS'S TV
(spot the lyric reference! LOL)

OH MY GOD I'M SOOO BORED!!!! >-< (psst! anyone got a song i should learn on bass?)

in really should be doing hw and stuff but i CBA!

One of my fave quotes.
I would love to make a living out of the only thing i'm good at, my love for music and playing music.

one of the funniest pictures i've seen! XD

Epic XD

Good Morning Starshine!

God! it's 8:45am and it's as sunny as midday! Crazy Weather!
Anyone got fun plans today?

Oh...crap...i've started again

I've started starving again. i shouldn't do it i know but GOD! ever since i stopped the weight piled on! i had lost like 6 pounds and now i've gained 9. i need to find a better way but the only thing i could think of was starving. no breakfast, no lunch....
help me?

Cold Canada to Sunny CA! anyone from or near Carlsbad?

not me, my aunt and uncle! my uncle's being relocated down to California! this is huge for me because i have to live in rainy old England but now i have a chance to see Sunny LA (well it's 1hour and 33mins to get there from Carlsbad!)

Sure i'm going to miss snowboarding in the Canadian Rockies but hey! i get to go on a tour of where some of my fave musical artists lived and grew up! Starting with Long Beach! any clues to who thats a relation to?


i'm not the best at songs but i would love to hear what you think?

KARMA (psst! i wrote this song when i was angry so hence the angry vibe...)
So you think this is right?
The rest of the world is starving while we go and fight?
Is this the world we've gotten used too?
And the only person who doesn’t give a damn is you!

There are people slaving away
Without a single penny for pay
And you just sit there on your ass
And let all the poverty just pass?

Why don't you do something?
And make the world a better place?
You sitting there worrying about your life? Complete shit!
Worry about someone else's for a change BITCH!

Every thing you do seems to harm the