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Unnamed Killjoy Story chapter 5 and 6

These chapters are rather short so together they would make the adverse chapter length I usually write. I'm so sorry for not posting it earlier it's just a lot of stuff came up and I didn't feel like posting the chapter. Anyways last chapter left off with Neon Bunny and Midnight Moon getting their hair dyed and Party Poison and Kobra Kid wanting to talk to them.

Chapter 5
"Can we talk to you to alone?" Party asked walking over to a new room with a door. "Yeah sure." I said following behind. They can't hurt us now they know we aren't spies. My mind thought not caring anymore.

Question please answer.

Ok so about December 10th are we supposed to have one red line on one wrist and one black line on the other wrist and should it go all the way around the wrist like a bracelet? Please answer I would love to know because eight now I'm kinda clueless.

About the killjoy story I'm writing

Ok so I'm soooooo sorry for not posting more if it. I have the chapters done it's just I don't know I don't really get enough time to post it. I mean yeah I get time to do the usual ranting thing but typing the story out kinda takes awhile. Anyways I will have TWO chapters posted TOMARROW maybe even THREE because I've been lazy and had a lot of homework that alll of it still isn't finished but it's been awhile. I know I have like 3 readers but at least it's something.

Thank You For The Venom

I just listened to Thank You For The Venom for the millionth time. I'm not sure if you guys get a nice feeling when you listen to the song but I do it's kinda like the song that tells me they honestly do care about their fans unlike so many other singers now a days. The course "give me all your poison and give me all your pills. And give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill. Your running after something that you'll never kill. If this is what you want then fire at will." I see from that, that they care and don't want u's to hurt ourselves in ANY way.

well then...

So I just heard Zero Zero and it's ok I guess. I mean it doesn't really sound like something the band would play but.... GERARD IS HIS OWN PERSON IT'S A SIDE PROJECT!!!! I know Frank also released a song but guys it DOES NOT mean they are splitting up. I don't know everything but I think we would all be able to see if the band split up. It was a kinda good yet weird song but I think it's kinda good. I mean yeah when I first listened to it I thought it wasn't good and kinda to much like pop music but then I listened to it again.


Ok so some people wanted to see some of my artwork I've done. Ok that's cool I shall post pictures of it as soon as I find my camera. I'm not the best artist but people says it's kinda good so I'll post it later if I can. (:

Should I even....

Hey guys/girls. So I was wondering if I should post some of my artwork. I mean a lot of people say I'm really good but I'm not sure. I mean some people can draw stuff realistically and I can't I mean I'm more of a comic drawer or whatever. But whatever I just want to know if I'm good from you guys because I figure you guys would be honest and helpful. So if you think I should post some of it I guess comment. And for the few people reading the story I'm written I might have a chapter up tommarow because a lot of stuff happened since then.

I feel pretty good right now

Ok so today was pretty bad yet adverage I guess. Anyways I really don't care about what happened at school. So yesterday my MCR jacket came in and it's awesome a little big but awesome. So afterschool I went with my friend to her like workplace. She works at lile a statuery and paints and makes stuff. Well I was kinda bored not doing anything and her boss saw some of my artwork she has showed him and wanted me to help paint a statue. Ok so I've NEVER painted a statue before and they wanted it to look kinda older so at first I had NO IDEA what I was doing.


Ok well I'm pretty much in shock right now. One of my friend's who was at my house the other day's brothers got in a car wreck at around 1:30 am today. I know that her step brother passed away and her other brother isn't doing well. I'm just in shock right now I guess because I talked to her a little while before it happened and she was talking about both of them. Wow just wow that's all I can think of right now. I know this is kinda weird to some people but I honestly am having them in my prayers right now.

I hate my town! Get me out of here!!!

Like the title says my town/state is so boring. I swear we have nothing good here. No good music only the pop stuff. ): I'm pretty sure we don't have a comic book store, which is pretty sad because if anyone wants anything like a comic book we have to buy it online. We also have like no good books anywhere. Because everyone is buying Kindels and stuff, I'm sorry but I prefer having a book in my hands being able to turn the page. I know I'm a dork plus there is like no good art or anything fun.