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I know I haven't posted in a while. A lot of stuff came up I'd rather not talk about. Don't worry I didn't do anything... My friend did and I'm still in a little bit of shock. People she is still living she didn't hurt herself but something else happened with her and I'm worried for her. Anyways let's just please forget that. Videos so I saw a video someone made on here once and I really liked it problem is I can't find it on YouTube. I've been really liking how people take videos of MCR and put them with a song . I don't know it just looks really beautiful put together.

Unnamed Killjoy story chapter 2 as I've promised

Ok so last week I left of were the two caracters knocked on the big creepy barn door and Show Ponny opened tge door. I've also changed my character's sisters name to midnight moon her choice.
Chapter 2: We walked inside after being told to come in by Dr.D. "This way!" Dr.D lead us to a back room. "I know they are not bad or anything but this is creepy." said Midnight looking at me curiously. "Shush!" I hissed at her. We needed to be quiet because any time we could be told to leave. And we didn't need that. Show Ponny opened a door and smiled.

About my killjoy story

Ok so a few of you might have started to read my killy story. Well I haven't had time to post another chapter last week and today I'm super busy I have like 2 minutes until I have to leave. Ok so my story will have it's next chapter tomorrow and maybe Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, then continue the cycle. So it will be everyother day. I was thinking once a week but that would get confusing. Ok so if you haven't read it and want to go to my posts and go to one under the name Killjoy Story not the characters or something along those lines. Well I have to go so bye.


Yeah I have no idea why I have been putting that as the name for some of my last posts. I'm doing sorta better than last night I listened to music and wrote about it. Ummm.... Well I was on my Twitter this morning and last night and heard about Christan Novellie I'm not sure if that is how you spell his name or not. Well I've been watching alot of his videos for a while. He's one of the few people that can make me laugh when I'm having a bad day. Reading all of the stuff that's going on kinda breaks my heart a little bit.


Ok so if youwere to read one of my last posts it said something in there that I want to clear up before anything happens. Ok so I originally put the stuff that boy askede such as if I hurt myself was sort of a lie. Someone did ask me that stuff but it didn't happen that way. Thanks to my stupid autocorrect it just had to out stuff boys asked me. Well first off I have like 2 guy friends and they are in a band with me and don't like me that way. So please don't start anything or think anything it was a autocorrect. And it was on my whole I lie rant/ slash song idea.


Hi thesis the real me no lies. I'm really boring in real life so I won't bore you. Ok so last night we had a concernt thing at my school and I had to wear a dress. I hate dresses but this one was pretty it was long and it was nourish purple depending on the light. I'm in band and choir so I had to attend. The dress was my aunts prom dress. I didn't buy my dress because of some reasons. I had a fun time last night but the dress was kinda annoying yet fun. And that is how my life has gone within the last 24 hours I hope I didn't bore you guys.

About my last blog.

So my last blog I talked about my life. Don't worry I'm fine. I just had a mix of emotions rising inside me and I was unsure. Ok so I'm perfectly fine now I have half of a song written already. I might post the lyrics later. Some of those things I wrote were lies. I'm sorry in some of my posts they were all lies. I'm so sorry I'm just used to having to lie to make friends or whatever. I lie so I'm exacted I know it was wrong I should just be myself.

My life

So I'm going to tell you people a little bit out my crazy messed up life. Ok so I'm in the 8th grade I live in the middle of no were aka Nebraska. I have 3 or 4 friends my best friend is my little sister. My parents are nice at times then they become rude. I'm the oldest child in my family I have 2 little sisters one is 4 the other 11. I have a band but our bass played doesn't own a bass yet and she is my sister. Everyday at school I'm picked on for what I say, wear, listen to, and whatever. I regret my mistakes alot. I find almost every flaw in myself and use it against myself.


So I might go to the movies tomorrow with my sister and a friend. Anyways we like stuff like Jaws, Dawn of the Dead, mainly horror movies. But anyways we like movies so anyone know of a newer movie that's in and that is good? That would be awesome. PG 13 at the most because we might not get into an R rated movie without an adult but we migh so really any movie would work.


Ok so today was horrible. I mean yeah it's normal for me to be; called emo freak, shoved into lockers, hit, sometimes chocked by accident (my friend Taryn like piggy back rides but she's sometimes sees a spider.) I get a lot of cra and I ignore it. But somedays I just want to scream. So today this kid who NEVER talked to me ran up to me in the hallway and asked me if I hurt myself. I said no of corse I don't. I'm terrified of needles and I'm not a big fan of sharp things. He said prove if so I showed him my wrists which had a few cat scratches on them.