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Well another year that I'm considered weird... But I'm a Freshman (9th grade) ... It's okay I guess I'm kinda invisible to people but to others I'm there so it's weird... Something that sucks is when a person is always on their phone and know who you are and ignore you then just randomly text you. Like 'Oh so I do exist to you now?' Plus I hate how people judge honestly it sucks.... And most of my friends do stuff I don't because I'm straight edge (meaning I don't smoke, drink, or that type of stuff.) Well I know just gotta get over it... Sorry for complaining


So lately I've been listening to a lot of bands and I kinda feel like I'm betraying MCR or something. MCR is and will forever will be my favorite band. But I just don't know I miss MCR. Everyone does but I kinda have found other bands to listen to. Every time I listen to a song by MCR it brings back memories, some good others not so good. I don't know what to do here guys..... /:

Teeth growing HURTS!

Wisdom teeth those things hurt. I don't feel pain easily and this little tooth is ripping up my mouth.... So teeth growing hurts now I see how babies are crying because of them... /:

Liars and ex-best friends...

Yep a friendship I've had ever since 6th grade ended... I hate being used. She basically was my best friend but she lied a lot and constantly used me for things. It all started to end in March. She said she didn't have a ride to a small town were her friend working with her on a science project was and needed a ride and I could help. I convinced my parents to take us and they did. I didn't wear a coat or anything because I was told we would be inside the whole time. Well we got there and my phone died. We went to the persons house to find out she wasn't home. Me and her were stuck.

To feel like you're invisible.

Anyone else feel like they are invisible lately? I have a lot lately.... Like seriously this is the most boring summer of my life... Friends leave, stuff happens, growing up isn't that fun... Anyone else agree? /:


I've been so busy lately... /: Guess who's friends ditched again? That's right me... /: Anyways how is everyone and stuff? Also an amazing band is The Color Morale. Trust me they're amazing.. Yeah that's about it...

Long time...

I haven't been on in a long time and I'm sorry. Ive been super busy and this site just makes me want to cry at the moment. It brings back WAY to many memories. To all the people reading the story I've been posting I might put more chapters up but I'm not sure seeing as I was crying as I re read it. But I don't know maybe you'll want to read it. A lit of stuff happened since I've been gone.

Well This Sucks...

OK so I broke up with my I guess now not ex-boyfriend last night. Well the guy kinda didn't get it and I'm happy he didn't get it because I'm going to be honest here... I miss him like crazy and I love him... Yeah sounds weird... Well today this dude asked me out and now thinks we are dating. I DID NOT say yes I also didn't say no. So yeah the guy thinks we are going out when I'm still with my boyfriend. Like seriously I kinda liked the guy that asked me out but I just don't feel like I can say certain stuff to him so yeah. I guess I still have my boyfriend.

Breakups fucking suck

Title says it all. Breaking up sucks. How do I know I just basically broke up with the guy I've been dating for a year because of a so called friend. I don't even know what to do anymore. Its so confusing people telling me follow my heart. Sorry but how can I follow my heart when people are constantly saying stuff and messing with me. Sometimes I just hate people. I know I'm ranting sorry I just I dont know.


So my school hd a Valentines dance last night and I attended with a guy friend. I thought it would be cool which it was... Well he told me likes me ever since Kindergarten... Problem is I have a boyfriend. I'm kinda confused right now I haven't seen my boyfriend in a LONG time. And I see this guy all of the time and he's nice to be around and I've always liked him... So yeah what do I do.