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Just wanted to say hi.

Yep that's about it anyone want to have a conversation just message me I guess...

Thanks SOOOO much!

So a while ago I asked for advice on vegetarian stuff and the people that replied helped. I'm feeling healthier and I haven't had to take iron stuff because I eat fish (some people consider it as meat. I just consider it easier than having to take a pill. My opinion.) Well that's about it thanks again. (:


The title says it all. I'm mad about the most stupid things. Well actually no it's not that stupid just this girl trying to flirt with my bf and copying my style and stuff. I'm not joking she finds a band I like says she loves them when she knows one song. She also labels herself "emo" and goes around making fun of stuff people go through. And now she says she loves every band I do more than me and I have no idea what I'm talking about. She also invites herself to my house every morning since we live near each other. Any advice on how to deal with this or anything? It's driving me nuts

Being Veggie...

Stupid title I know but I've been vegetarian for a while now and my family is worried I'm loosing weight and i'm pale... /: I was wondering if anyone knows how I can look "healthy" even though I still want to be vegetarian... Sorry I'm just wondering and stuff....

Please listen.

Well I'm back but that doesn't matter. I just want people to listen to what I have to say right now. Please don't harm yourself or do anything like the sort. MCR wouldn't want that. They tried to help and they still can. I know it's hard but try to listen to music or find someone to talk to. Have no one to talk to? That's never going to happen someone will ALWAYS be there. Whether it be from person to person or over the internet. That's the wonderful thing the internet links people together so why not use it to help others.

Concert Withdrawl

So last night I saw A Day To Remember with All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, and The Wonder Years with my dad and sister. Well the concert was AMAZING like I expected! I literally didn't want it to end ever my sister got 4 guitar picks from the bands but she didn't get one from PTV. But still it was amazing I got to have someone give the bracelets we made to PTV but our note was lost so that sucked but it works.

Happy Birthday Mikey.

A bit later in the day but ya know might as well.. Happy birthday you are still my little sisters' hero no matter what, as well as one of mine. I hope you had a really awesome birthday.


Ok well my om said I can get my nose pierced soon. I've been waiting for a while also I'm dyeing my hair blue in a while so yeah...

I freaking HATE rumors.

Don't you hate them to? I absolutely do. So I'm a Freshman at my high school and I have a really awesome guy friend and we can actually talk and I don't have to worry about hi starting drama.. Well thing is, is people at my school have made up rumors that him and me are doing stuff and I'm sure you can guess. Ok the guy is like my best friend and last tie I checked you don't do that stuff with your best friend, well in my case at least I don't know about everyone. And next I would NEVER do that stuff. I just hate how people spread lies to make themselves look good.

High School so far...

It's not as awesome as people make it seem. I'm slowly not talking to people or anything again... People in my life don't listen so why speak when the words get twisted and tangled in lies. I've been drawing and writing music a LOT more and I've also been playing guitar more so yeah... I don't really know where that will end up. I've lost a few friends but gained a very few... Basically I'm not noticed and I'm fine with that. Well I'm gonna go sorry if I annoy anyone with my weirdness or anything....