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smallandscottish's blog

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Thanks giving

So im from the UK so Thanks giving means literally nothing to me... NOT IN THE WAY I DISRESPECT IT! I mean i have no idea what it is! But have a Happy One!!!!
Have fun with whatever you do on Thanks giving!!!
Keep safe.


okay so i havent posted anything i AGES! i mostly post things as a way to write it down and just send it out. I usually dont expect a reply its more a way of talking to myself.... Weird huh? Well lately ive been at my mum and safe to say my chemical romance is there once again to ease boredom, background noise for studying and drawing and just there. So yea! Thats all! If youve read this is a little piece of my mind! :D

Boyfriends and Girlfriends. Help!?

a few things about me. My parents are divorced. That was just after id fallen in love with My Chemical Romance. That was three four years ago. So now they both have girlfriends and boyfriends. ... i want them to be happy but... i hate her. My dads girlfriend. I live with my dad.

BUT! I have reason to. She gets drunk and screams at everyone. says thing like we should all go and die!? why is my dad still with her!? ive talked to him and he doesnt care!? ive talked to her and she almost killed me with her screams!

I dont know what to do anymore. He obviously isnt going to leave her.

being a nerd.

so today i walk into school listening to my ipod. Just my luck for Slipknot to be playing when two girls with their skirts as their fricking pants! walk by. I keep my head down and walk but of course i get stopped. My ipod ripped away from me as they listen to my music. They both start shouting shit at me. Emo. Faggot.

What do you say back to that? What can i say back to that? I can go into a massive lecture about how music is just art and all that but they wont care. i am not ashamed to listen to the music i do because i love it! i love it so much! but people dont understand.

Just joined.

Ive been reading through this site for ages and finally signed up! Anytime i would feel low and depressed id log onto my computer and play my chemical romance its my cure! Always makes me feel better so reading through and finding people who find people who have the same comfort is a relief as none of my friends are into rock so thank you :)