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I don't wanna say much, but I feel u r the only people tht hear me out. An u don't judge me for anything I say, but my ex strikes again. Anyone wanna write a book bout this with me? Message me n I'll give details.

I'm back

Wel I'm back I got a new account named OmegaOfMCR on here, cuz I forgot this one. Haven't used it in so long cuz I've been depressed. Just got a long talk from my dad who I love, but I wish he would listen 2 me for once.


I'm sorry,
I hurt you,
I didn't mean to,
You don't have to yell,
I know I was bad.

I'm sorry,
I didn't mean for you to cry,
I wasn't thinking,
Of how'd you'd feel, I didn't mean to,
Make you feel bad.

I'm sorry,
I made you so sad,
I don't want you sad,
Please cheer up,
Or I'll cry too.

I'm sorry,
I can't take it back,
I would if I could,
Please don't push me away,
Or I'll just die,
I need you,
I want you.

I'm sorry,
I'm not perfect,
I can't fix everything,
Please understand,
That I don't mean to.

I'm sorry,
I'm different,
From others,
Even if I'm not better,
Please know,
No one's perfect.


I love you

I love you,
You are down to earth,
You are sweet to me,
You have deep eye's,
That are like stars.

I love you,
You sweep me off my feet,
You take me away,
Where no one can find us,
In our dreams.

I love you,
You show me truth,
Through your eye's,
Showing another path,
Another way.

I love you,
For helping me,
But I still fall,
Even if you don't know,
That I'm still crying.

I love you,
How you keep me so calm,
They say cutting help,
But does it really,
I tried it before.

I love you,
You ask me,
Who says these things,
There all around,
At my school,
And at home.

I love you,
You say don't cry,

Telling you

I'm telling you,
I told you I cry,
I told you I feel dead,
I scream, and shout,
I tried to say it nicely,
But it doesn't get it,
You still don't hear me,

I'm telling you,
How I feel dead,
You don't seem to see,
Just how bad it is,
Or do you not try to.

I'm telling you,
I can't take anymore,
Sure your nice,
And I love you,
But I just may go crazy,
I'm loosing myself,

I'm telling you,
The battle,
I'm not winning,
I cry,
And I feel lost.

I'm telling you,
My world's not whole,
I need love too,
But you don't care,
You weren't prepared,
For a child like me.

I'm telling you,
My chest is

Get me

Do you get me,
Am I getting your attention,
Or am I getting ahead,
I'm sorry.

Do you get me,
Do you know I cry,
Did you know I cut,
Or even see them?

Do you get me,
I showed mom,
But did dad see,
Would he yell at me,
Or would he be calm like mom.

Do you get me,
I'm sorry I cut,
I can't just stop,
Well you help me,

Do you get me,
Did you know why I cut,
Or will you judge me,
Will you understand?

Do you get me,
Do you know I want to stop,
Or will you hear me out?

Do you get me,
I want to be ok,
But it's getting harder,
For me to breath.

Look Around

Look Around
I look around,
And see darkness,
I try to get help,
But you don't care,
I fall today,
Hoping for a better day.

I look around,
It's not any better,
From the day before,
You still don't care,
You say you do,
Then you leave me to die,

I look around,
And see people happy,
But they don't see me cry,
The tear, go down my face,
Or do they just don't care?

I look around,
And start tp cry,
I can't stop the tears,
Do you not see them?

I look around,
Hoping you see me,
But still,
You don't care.

I look around,
And I see blood,
You don't care,
If I bleed tears,
Or even if I lost myself.



Death is all around,
It's next door,
You don't care when I go,
You don't care if I die,
... I run from my fear,
But death is not my fear,
Well it save me?

Death is all around,
It's all over me,
I'm going to die,
Cut's that show death
I can't stop wanting to die,
But what do I do,
When you don't understand?

Death is all around,
You don't see me cry,
Or even really care,
Shows how you love,
Some of my friends see,
Why don't you?

Death is all around,
I don't care anymore,
Let me die alone,
Well my friends be the only one's that care,
I don't know how to tell my love,
Or my last goodbye's.

Mikey :) my bf

I love this. My bf is head over hills for me. :) Mikey is so silly. He is my love! He doesn't like mcr, but he is liking it more and more since he started dating me, and it's cute :) I love him!!!


I have a bf!!! His eye's r so blue :) they have a bit of orange, and green. Got 2 meet his mom and she was nice. It's sad his parents r split up :'( . His really one of the most nicest guy I know. weird rite. U think u know someone tht well in less than a year, and u think u love them already. He may come over Thursday!!! I'm making a picnic!!! YAY! Can't wait 2 see the look on his face when he sees where were going! Wish me luck! AND HIS NAME IS MIKEY!!!