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hay so this is my first art pice so plz comment :}

hay guys so like i said this is my first art pice that i have really done since about 2 years ago that's not just messing arround so plz comment :}

my first art

hay so this is my first art pice really (my only good one)

im kinda worried

right so for a few years now ive been geting cramp in my leg and it statrted and it was like once or twice a month every month and i would wake up about 2-4 o clock in the morning with is id be in tears over it then it just got more frquent until it was every night just about so i had to have medication for it but i havent had it in a while so im kinda worried coz i know at some point it will come i cant stop it if i act fast but it trys again then when it dose win its like all of them put together and i dont wanna disterb my mum coz shes got bad feet so i just lay there in silance crying

a poem my first really

Theirs this girl in my year
She’s a discrace
This isn’t her place
She doesn’t fit the image
So why don’t they try
Why can’t they accept her?
For who she is

She has only two friends
In the whole human race
She feels so alone
She can’t find her place
She just wants to belong
Then she slits her wrists

She’s never had a lover
She dreads going to school
Sometimes she wished she’d never been born

But now I have friends
Now I have MCRmy
I now feel loved
And stronger too
But I still feel unwanted
And unaccepted

I want to make my pain of hatred to go away
By making my pain

my mono loge

And if you would call me your sweetheart

I'd maybe then sing you a song

But there's shit that I've done with this fuck of a gun

You would cry out your eyes all along

We're damned after all

Through fortune and flame we fall

And if you can stay then I'll show you the way

To return from the ashes you crawl

We all carry on

(We all carry on)

When our brothers in arms are gone

(When our brothers in arms are gone)

So raise your glass high for tomorrow we die

And return from the ashes you crawl

so a mono loge is a few lines that one person says on their own im useing this to aply for performing arts

i sometimes feel like this

but i dont and soon it get better and i have support from my friend so thankyou angel-made-of-neon ur a life saver

mmmmmmmm popcorn

so my sisters boyfriend is here sowere gonna watch the vow so we did some microwave popcorn 1 sweet 1 butter and mixwed them a littel so i have butter with a bit of sweet and they have sweet with a littel butter but were just mesing around throughing it at my sister its fun ~ just thaught ud like to know ~ keep runnig killjoys befor the dracs get u before the ball of radiation dose

eating tea

im eating my tea and i put this rewaly hot chilli saurce on and my tounge is tingaling and so are my lips
i love spicy and hot things

my 3ft baloon

these are pics of my 3ft baloon

hay im really bored and really want to talk to someone before my 3ft b-day baloon starts to talk to me plz message me to talk