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my deal with my mum

so me and my mum have this deal that for every 1lb i loose she will give me £1 to go towards my prom dress (i like the one in the pic :} ) so any way i am gonna loose 3 stone ish (i hope) witch would give me £42 i need £65 but i also get £5 a week spending money but thats just for the dress i will need shoes bag + more (i think :/)
so the top pic is the front the 2nd is the back and th 3rd is the bottom of the dress i love it XDXDXDXDXD

more remi and lmfao stuff XD :}

so this guy is french and gets in so much shit with the police XD

films and Gee's comment

so do you guys remeber when Gee commented about the bridge to terabithia he said-you think your gonna watch a nice family film then next minuet you know theres a dead 16 year old - well i just watched step up and their both pg films and both suposed to be family friendly films well in step up a 13-14 year old kid turns out dead
morrel of this family friendly films kill young people DX
top pic bridge to terabithia the girl
bottom pic step up kid
both tunr out dead DX (DX = sad face)

Rose's revenge

Chapter one

Their once was a little girl by the name of Rose but as you may know every rose comes with a thorn.
This particular rose came to realise hers when she died.

It was a Friday night August 13th and Rose was in bed trying to sleep but the crashes of thunder and sparks of light that lit up the terrified face of an 8 year old. The house was old and creaky and she could hear them coming closer and closer up the stairs. The shutters on the windows collided with the wall in the howling wind, and trees stood their ground, the wind whistled and howled and.

klay world death by tape
klay world 2
clay world
hay killjoys i just had to say this :}

so these are just my thoughts ok
right well ive been thinking and everything happens for a reson me and angel-made-of-neon (angel) meeting i think the reson was so 2 lives can be saved and our friendship is bounded by MCR i think if i didnt meet liam then i wouldent have meet angel then i dont know were we would be coz so much shit would have happend like it has but i would not have been abel to cope she was the one that introduced me to MCR's music so thanks angel u saved my life alongside MCR

can u stake my heart

so if Gee turned into a vamp can u stake his heart i caouldent id rather hed bite me!