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Guyliner Dude

My friend Tiffany has just informed me that she saw a Freshman at orientation with guyliner, a dark t-shirt, and slim fit jeans on. I have nicknamed him Guyliner Dude, cuz idk his name yet. But there's finally a guy with some taste at my school!! *le dies*

-Ritalin Kitty

Summer is over...

Not technically, I still have one more day. But anyways, I'm gonna share my summer experience and my hopes for the new year and whatnot (oh god, that sounded so cheesy).

This summer, I didn't do much. I did go to the Disneyland Resort once, but since I have a pass, going there isn't as much of a big deal as it used to be. Still fun, though. I went to Cars Land, which is cool, the Radiator Springs Racers are really fun, but the wait is really long. I also went on the Matterhorn Bobsleds, which has new bobsleds now, and they painted and stuff.

Fuck you, raincloud.

Ok, so its fucking pouring outside, which I normally don't give a shit about, but I start school on Monday, meaning that the school is gonna be fucking flooded, especially cuz our school is around the bottom of a hill. The lighting and thunder is legitimately annoying the shit out of me. Not to mention its like a billion degrees inside the house, but I can't turn on the air conditioner or take a cold shower because its raining and that would be dangerous. I hate the fucking rain...

-Ritalin Kitty

What lunch do you have? Minimum day Wednesday?

Everyone at my school is debating the answer to this question. Is it based on 5th period or 6th period? If its 5th period, our lunches will change every day, but if its based on 6th period I have B lunch.... which I'm not supposed to have, because my 6th period is supposed to be Full Orchestra, which is an A lunch class. I did speak to the principal about this cuz she was the one who gave me my schedule, and she said she would have the counselors change it. And there's also a possibility that we will all have minimum day Wednesdays instead of Fridays... I really don't like this.

I hate fucking school counselors.

They always fuck shit up. Whether its being terrible at counseling, or other things as well. For example, the counselors fucked up both my and my sister's schedules. They put me in Advanced Orchestra, when I'm supposed to be in Full Orchestra. Well, excuse you. I put Full Orchestra on the course selection paper, and the Afro Wizard (the strings teacher) told me in person that I made it to the full orchestra.

My sister is fucking annoying.

Ok, so I have a 14 year old sister named Maddie (a year younger than me btw), and she is pissing me off. I was just sitting here, casually singing along to a Panic! At The Disco song, and she comes in and goes, "Shhhh!" cuz apparently she was reading or some shit. Well she needs to learn how to focus, cuz high school teachers don't give a shit and the students are hella loud, not to mention that its not that difficult to focus with sound around you, and if it is just close your door, I don't need to be quiet so you can read the Harry Potter series that you should've read ages ago.

Standing Up

Ok, so I've been bullied a lot this past year, and I always stand up for myself... but I find that I almost always end up failing. I think I'm gonna have to change my approach a bit. I always just let them say stuff until I get really pissed off, but that never works. So, I obviously need to say something from the beginning. Do you guys have any advice on what I should say, or any strategies that have worked for you guys?

-Ritalin Kitty


Please tell me I'm not the only one who nearly died of excitement when they saw that Professional Griefers has been officially released.

-Ritalin Kitty

Good job, Kat!

I went to go take a shower, and when I was putting the shampoo in my hair, I ended up getting shampoo all over the left side of my face, and in my eye. And now my eye is all red and its stinging a little bit (nothing I can't handle though, cuz I have really bad allergies in my eyes during the spring and summer). Its like I don't know where my scalp is. This seriously happens (shampoo in my left eye) literally every single time I wash my hair.

-Ritalin Kitty

So excited!!

That song for Bandit was so frickin adorable. I instantly got this huge ass smile on my face. The song kinda reminds me of Star Wars... and also the 80's. Hehe Gerard looked so little in that big ass chair. Luckily when I viewed it on YouTube there were no comments, so it was the first time I was able to get first comment on anything.

-Ritalin Kitty