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*le screams*

Okay, I am screaming for several reasons.

1)Omg the new site layout! This is the first time I've been here for the change in era!!!!!!!

2)I had PE last period and that pissed me off.

3)And I have a new blog on Blogger! What should I write about? Comment your suggestions down below!

-Ritalin Kitty (Are we still killjoys? questions to ponder...)

Fucking Afro Wizard....

Ok, I know the title is weird, but me and my friends call our strings teacher Afro Wizard. Anyway, at the beginning of class I was tuning my violin and I noticed that my D string was really flat. It was a little too much for my fine tuners, so I went for the larger pegs at the scroll of the instrument, and my peg was fucking stuck! I literally sat there the entire fucking class period trying to tune while everyone else was sight reading.

Don't ever use the Band-Aid blister pads ever.

Ok, so I got a blister the other day from my new school shoes, and I put a blister pad on. I could see when I was gonna take it off that the blister was fully formed with the skin and stuff, and I took off the blister pad and it pulled the skin off! I had taken a shower right before that, so I was like, ok maybe its because I just got it wet. So I wore one again today, and I didn't shower whilst wearing the blister pad, and it happened again! Two extra days of having to limp around school! Don't ever wear them ever.

-Ritalin Kitty

Awkward Moment

I was at the music store where everyone at my school gets their instruments, and two of my teachers happened to be there, my geometry teacher from 8th grade, and my chemistry teacher this year. And I was like, "Oh shit, shit, shit, shit.... um...." *pretends I don't exist* It was so awkward, though I did say hi to my geometry teacher. Lol I didn't say hi to my chemistry teacher though cuz I don't really like him.

-Ritalin Kitty

First Week of School Blog

So, this Monday, I started school. It was a pretty good day, except when the Afro Wizard took attendance in my strings class, he was like, "Wtf are you doing here you're sposed to be in Orchestra," (okay he didn't actually say that but that was the main point of what he said). I of course, was like, "Yeah I know I already asked them to change it, but they didn't," after which he gave me a note so I could get it changed. I tried to do it at lunch that day, but couldn't cuz there were too many people.

Video games and a graphing calculator

So I got home from school yesterday and discovered that I had a package from my uncle and his girlfriend (his girlfriend is really awesome, she works for Square Enix and stuff). They got me 2 games for the 3DS, THEATRHYTHM Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance. I saw the art for it about a month or two ago, and got so excited! I was not expecting that yesterday!

Holy shit! I get to go to college for free!

Apparently, in California, the children of disabled Marines (my dad experienced extreme hearing loss due to gunfire, he has back problems too, but that's cuz he's tall) get to go to college for free! Of course, this only applies to California State Colleges, meaning the UC system (University of California, UCLA is a part of this system, my mom graduated from there in 1995), and the CSU systerm (California State University system, basically anyone can get in, so no one gives 2 shits if you graduated from there). I can't believe this awesomeness! Words cannot explain how happy I am about this.

Halloween plans! Read this please!

Ok, so me and my friend (okay mostly my friend, but she came up with the plan when I said I would stand up for anyone with guyliner) came up with a plan to stop the rules against guyliner and punk/goth makeup. On Halloween, we will all wear epic ass eyeliner (along with other badass makeup if you want), including any guy we can convince to wear eyeliner, and stand up for ourselves. I know it may seem like its just makeup, but its a huge way to express yourself, and it can be just as important as your black t-shirt and colorful hair.

Last day of summer. No me gusta.

Lol sorry I thought of the "me gusta" meme when I wrote the title. In a couple minutes I gotta go to bed cuz school starts tomorrow. And its professional dress, meaning I gotta wear my tie and shit. I would be okay with it if it was awesome looking but it just looks stupid. Let's hope school isn't fucking terrible! Wish me luck!

-Ritalin Kitty (and for those who don't know me, my real name is Kaitlin, but people usually call me Kat)

"Racy Tweens"? Are you fucking serious Dr. Phil?

Ok, so there was this episode of Dr. Phil where this girl was supposedly "racy" because of the way she dressed. The closest outfit to racy was a longish pair of short shorts and a v-neck for the summer. They say she wears too much makeup, which couldn't be more untrue, she wears a little bit of eyeshadow and mascara (maybe eyeliner but I didn't see any). Its fucking ridiculous. My sister (who is that girl's age btw) wears the exact same shit!! The only thing that's "racy" is that she's kinda big-chested. She looks pretty fucking normal.