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T-Shirt Compliments

I always seem to get compliments on my graphic t-shirts, particularly my Big Bang Theory Dr. Mr. shirt from Hot Topic and my MCR shirt. On Friday at the bonfire, I got at least 3 compliments on my shirt (and a few on my hair, but people like when I wear my hair down and straighten it, mostly cuz they're surprised at how long it is). And today, I went to Target and the cashier told me he liked my MCR shirt and something along the lines of, "MCR is the best."

Oh, and at Target, I got the limited edition EOS Alice in Wonderland inspired collection, with the flavors Watermelon Wonderland, Sweet

The Bonfire

Ok, so yesterday from 7-10 pm there was a bonfire at my school. Well, they called it a bonfire, but it was 2 fireplace size fires, so it wasn't exactly a bonfire, but anyway...

It was really fun. I hung out with my friend Jerell for a couple minutes until I found my friends Tiffany and Jeanny. Soon after, Gangnam Style started playing, and I think it was the first time that I ever danced in public on purpose. Lol and Tiffany had me and Jeanny stand near the fire and pretend to be firebenders.

Oh god.

My sister just filmed me dancing to Gangnam Style and Caramelldansen. This better not end up on YouTube. I'm so awkward looking. They're such happy dances and I'm wearing all black. Oh god.

-Ritalin Kitty

Tiffany went a little overboard with the stamp...

Ok, so my friend Tiffany was procrastinating instead of reading the 10 pages or whatever for AP Euro, and she carved GDC into an eraser and made it a stamp. And today she went a little overboard. She stamped me like 15 times at least. And a whole bunch of people now have GDC (Graphic Design Club) stamped onto them. And I can't get the ink off!! D: Curse you, Tiffany!

-Ritalin Kitty

Ugh, school events.

Ok, so I posted a blog about Homecoming asking whether you guys think I should go or not. But yesterday, I realized that I might be required to go. I'm in Journalism, and the group I was assigned to reports on school events, meaning that I have to go to pretty much every school event. And my mom would probably make me go too... ugh. School events are so shitty.

-Ritalin Kitty

9/11 is basically the second 4th of July.

Maybe not to everyone, but it definitely was like that at my school today. They took shit a bit too seriously. They let us dress in red, white, and blue (I didn't though cuz I don't have red, white, and blue, so I just wore my uniform.). Then, during the morning announcements, they said their little 9/11 speech, which was normal, and then the national anthem, which was fine. But during lunch, they were fucking blasting songs like Our Country Tis of Thee and the national anthem and shit.


Ok, so I guess Homecoming is coming up for everyone but me, because my school doesn't have Homecoming for at least another month. And I wanna know: should I go? I didn't go to any school dances last year, but I feel like going to dances is part of the high school experience.... but then again, I don't really like high school, I hate it actually. And its so mainstream, and I would have to wear a dress. I still feel compelled to go though. And if I do decide to go, what happens if I don't have a date?

Anime LA cosplay dilemma

So me and mah friends as well as the rest of Anime Club are going to Anime LA next year. I'm not sure who I should dress up as: Kairi (from Kingdom Hearts), Xion (also from the Kingdom Hearts series), or Rose (from Homestuck). I think I'd rather be Kairi or Xion, because I haven't gotten very far in Homestuck yet. So can you guys please comment and help me solve this problem? And it would also be useful for a Halloween costume....

-Ritalin Kitty

Almost awesome day

Ok, so its Friday, so that automatically makes it better than all the other days of the week except for maybe Saturday. This morning, I woke up and immediately had This is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas stuck in my head. Then when I got to Journalism, this girl Dania liked my Jack Skellington watch. And my group (the in depth report team) came up with the idea of having a Scary Story contest for the October issue of the newspaper.

Bitches and GDC

Ok, so it seems the girls in my grade (10th) spend all their free time talking shit about the rest of us. The thing is, most of the girls that they talk shit about are girls they've never spoken to. They're usually acquaintances and/or friends of mine. It just really bothers me that they talk shit about people they barely know.

And I'm really unsure about this: should I join Graphic Design Club? I want to, because the club was started by my friends, and pretty much everyone in there is one of my friends. Now there are 2 problems with this. 1) The vice president is Michaela.