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Bees and tangent functions can go die in a hole.

I literally walked from the lunch line to my lunch table and nearly got stung about 4 times. Bees fucking stalk my table, I swear.

And I fucking hate graphing the tangent function. I hate trig, you have to graph everything.

-Ritalin Kitty

My day.

English class was fucking horrible. My teacher decided it was a good idea to assign us two projects in one fucking week. Who the fuck does that?

PE was interesting. In the locker room, this girl Noelle gave me a note to give to mah bestie Jerell, because Jerell apparently went fucking batshit crazy on her at lunch today. But during the actual class, my friend Ruben decided that he wants to give me a makeover. Darker hair, and darker eye makeup (he legitimately said black eyeshadow). And he also wants to see me with completely straight hair tomorrow.

How MCR changed my life

That's the topic for my autobiographical essay. I'm not sure where I should start from though. Should I start from around 3rd or 4th grade when TBP came out, or last year, when I got my laptop, started being myself (started wearing black, eyeliner, etc), and got bullied for it?


On Sunday, my bestie Jerell texted my crush, Scott and told him about my crush on him. I asked him that night if he liked me back, and he said, "A question today, an answer tomorrow." So then yesterday, I texted him, "A question yesterday, an answer today." No answer, just a promise that he would tell me today at lunch. By the title, I'm sure you know what happened. Surprisingly, I'm not really mad or even sad or anything.

And also, my school got some foreign exchange students.

love/hate relationship with Gangnam Style... and some awkward shit.

I mean, I really love the song and the dance, but every fucking time I dance to it, my left knee ends up hurting really fucking bad.

And my bestie Jerell forced me to give him my crush's number, and Jerell told my crush that I like him. According to Jerell, my crush likes me back. My crush, Scott, texted me, but I couldn't reply for a while cuz I didn't take my phone with me when I went to Target. He still hasn't texted back. Fuck, I am so screwed right now. Mostly because at least 1 of my other friends likes Scott, and if Scott likes me back, then it might hurt her feelings.



I've had a sore knee all day (that's normal for me, cuz my knees turn inward a bit, so its not surprising for them to be sore), and then in PE, we played soccer, in which I was a goalie. I got hit in the leg with the ball, which hurt my leg, but mostly just made my knee a bit more sore. And when I got home, I was just chilling until about half an hour ago, when I decided to dance to Gangnam Style. It didn't hurt while I was dancing, but the second it was over, my knee started hurting really bad. I think I fucking sprained that shit, cuz now its throbbing. Dammit.

-Ritalin Kitty


My mom is forcing me to get a haircut, so I want your suggestions. I do know that I want to dye it black and stuff, but it needs to be medium length or short. Idk what hairstyle I want though, because everything I can think of at the moment would look weird with my thick black and red glasses (okay they're not that thick, but they are rather bold and stuff.). Anyways, if you guys have any ideas could you please comment below?

-Ritalin Kitty

Ugh, why?

Teachers at my school are really starting to piss me off. Tomorrow, I have a test in like every class, and its also assembly schedule, meaning classes are only like half an hour long. Most of my tests are about 40 questions. I fucking swear, they all go into the teachers' lounge and ask each other when they're giving tests so that they can give their test the same day.

Ugh, and in PE, this guy Auggie called me or my friend Iyanu a horny bastard or something (he said the word horny, but I'm not sure exactly what came after that). Its so annoying, because he was teasing me yesterday for being

Fucking bitches...

In my English class today, the popular group kept picking each other to read aloud rather than letting anyone else read. That's when Precious asks, "Why is it only you guys reading?" after which they throw a fucking fit and have like a motherfucking uprising in their little corner and start talking shit about Precious.

Bullshit at school

I could write a 7-book series on the bullshit at my school, but for this blog, I'll just write about today's bullshit.

1) In Orchestra, the Afro Wizard announced the chairs. The 1st violinists were mostly in the right spots, but the top 3 (in this order) were Kyle, Emma, and Noelle. Everyone knew Kyle was gonna get 1st chair, so that wasn't even a problem for anyone. But Noelle definitely should've beat out Emma.