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Um, what?

In PE today, me and my friend Ruben were talking about our epithets for English last year (basically we described ourselves by calling ourselves the god or goddess of something). He was the God of Memes, and I was the Goddess of Reading. For my picture that I put on there, I was wearing all black (because we happened to taping an advanced strings audition tape for Disneyland that day) and I brought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The picture is basically just me with a book over my face, meaning no one knew who that was other than the people in my English period.


Ugh, why? I hate missing out on concerts. I missed out on Warped Tour, and now I'm gonna have to miss out on a Big Bang (they're K-Pop, so they rarely come to the US) concert about an hour and a half away from my house. They're not coming again until their next album at the very least. But considering its in Anaheim.... they might be at Disneyland.... maybe I should just hang out at Disneyland for two days then.

-Ritalin Kitty

Am I the only one who thinks these guys are really hot?

The one in glasses is Brendon Urie (lead singer of Panic! at the Disco) in the Ready to Go music video. He looks good in glasses, but he looks even better in guyliner and a top hat (see I Write Sins Not Tragedies and The Ballad of Mona Lisa).

The second one is less well known in English speaking countries, but his stage name is Top, and he raps for the Korean band Big Bang. My friend Iyanu loves Big Bang and used to sing Fantastic Baby a lot, so I looked up the music video, and realized he's really hot. I love his blue hair and guyliner.

Lol in case you haven't noticed I like guyliner.

Awkward Experience of the Day.

So I was in PE (my last class of the day) and I go out near the gym to take attendance. While waiting for the teacher, my friend Ruben (who's gay in case that's relevant to the story, which it sort of is) says, "Lemme see your hand," and I'm like, "Okay..." and I give him my hand.... which is when he attempts to hold hands with me! And I'm just sitting here like wtf is my life.

Heritage Festival anyone?

Are any of you guys going to Heritage Festival in the spring? I believe the locations are San Diego, San Francisco, Anaheim, and Las Vegas. According to my teacher we're going to Anaheim. So if any of you guys are going, can you please comment?

-Ritalin Kitty

My school counselors can go die in a motherfucking hole.

They're so fucking lazy! I swear, they just sit there and click shit on their computers if they do anything at all. When we need to fucking talk to them, they're never fucking there. Bitch, how many fucking vacation days do you get? And then today, they pulled me out of my motherfucking math class for an "intervention" because I had a D at academic warnings, which has gone up, because academic warnings were like 3 weeks ago. And at this point I'm already hella pissed, because I'm missing out on my motherfucking math quiz so now I have to stay after school on Tuesday.

Isaiah can fuck off.

In PE today, Alvaro, Sean, and Isaiah were talking about making a movie, so I ask Isaiah what the movie is about. He doesn't tell me what its about, but he does say, "Alvaro's the lead role, do you wanna be the other lead role?" (he thinks I like Alvaro) which is when I say, "Fuck you, Isaiah." But later, in the locker room, I tell this story, and Aimee says, "Right before that, he said it was gonna be a porn." Isaiah is such a fucking douchebag.

-Ritalin Kitty

My sister is a fucking bitch.

I fucking hate my sister Madison. She's such a fucking bitch. Bitchiness is literally on a scale of one to Madison.

A couple minutes ago, I was cleaning my bathroom, and noticed my moisturizer was missing. So I shout (because they're usually wearing earbuds) "Where is my moisturizer?" but they didn't hear me.

Sometimes, my friends should probably just shut the fuck up.

Let's take today for example. I was sitting with my friend Jerell, and right in front of us is Desiree and Alonzo, and behind us are Jesse and Alana. That's when he randomly says, "That could've been you and Scott," and then he goes on a rant about how he wants me to be happy and in a relationship. He's more upset over Scott rejecting me than I am. To be more specific, I couldn't care less that I was rejected, but he's like hella depressed about it.

And in PE today, I mention the fact that I've never had my first kiss.

My sisters are fucking bullies.

They're so mainstream, and make fun of all the things I like. Let's take today for example.

My sister says something about Ryan Ross from Panic! at the Disco. Now she has been raised off of the alternative rock station, so she knows of them, but she doesn't really know who the band members are. So I walk into their room (my sisters share a room), and I say, "What did you say about RyRo? Why did you mention him?" and she starts making fun of the fact that I said RyRo rather than Ryan Ross. Seriously. Who goes around calling people by their full names all the time, anyway?