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BIGBANG Fangirl Moment

My friend Iyanu has turned me into a BIGBANG fangirl. They're a popular K-Pop boy band, and my favorite member is TOP, known for being sexy (he's the member most of the girls like) as well as being a rapper and actor. He is also known for his lack of ability to dance, something I'm known for. (Except when it comes to Gangnam Style and Caramelldansen.) Well I took a quiz to see which BIGBANG member I am, and it said TOP. I took another quiz to see which BIGBANG member I should date, and my answer was TOP.

Too much hot chocolate and a weird song of the day.

Lol sorry Stacey I stole that from you.

Anyways, I had way too much Starbucks hot chocolate today, like 3 cups. Mah stomach hurts now, but I don't even care because it tastes so damn good.

Also, my song of the day is Crayon by G-Dragon. You won't understand most of the lyrics, and you probably won't like the song, but the video is just so weird and entertaining. Like why the fuck is GD shaving at the beginning when he clearly has no hair on his face to shave? And wtf is with that tiny ass car he's driving around? My immediate reaction: "What was he on when he made this video?"

Dammit its

Ermahgerd, my mom really needs to stop.

So, my mom has this really annoying tendency to say things like "And don't say *insert really stupid and unrealistic example here*" and I'm just like "Why would we say that?" She acts like we're fucking stupid and its annoying.

And then we were at lunch with my grandma but she wouldn't shut up so we were there for much longer than we needed to be. So of course my sisters got bored and stuff, and because they didn't look interested anymore, my mom yelled at them for being ungrateful.

I'm not going to prom. Everyone who wants me to can fuck off.

Idek why my mom is trying to convince me to go to prom right now, since I'm only halfway through sophomore year, but whatever. She says that I need to go, because its an experience she didn't get to have and she regrets that. Living through your children much? I guess she doesn't understand. Me and my friends simply do not have fun at school events. We have fun watching Harry Potter marathons, writing stories, and fangirling. Lots and lots of fangirling. We don't want to go to prom.


Yesterday, my earbuds broke, so I can't really listen to music anymore, or my left ear feels lonely. Somehow the glue came off on the left earbud, exposing the wires. It still worked with the exposed wires, but yesterday the wires broke, so no more music for me. D:

And today, my sister found out that she made the cheerleading squad. Oh god.... this is so bad. I can't even tell you how many times I heard Bucky Done Gun and "If you like it, go maroon and gray, maroon and gray!" just during the tryouts last week. And now that she's a cheerleader, its gonna be much worse.

Fuck anti-bullying assemblies.

The idea is great, and I know ASB had good intentions, but it was horrible. They had an unrealistic skit followed by a stupid pointless speech, and at the beginning Wind Ensemble (they're also the Marching Band) and Flag Team performed like it was a pep rally or some shit. At one point during the speech, the speaker asked, "Look around and see who's been bullied," (or something along those lines anyway) and me and Scott (my good friend who I used to like; I'm over him, and tbh, I definitely ship him and our friend Tiffany) automatically look at each other with sad looks on our faces.

Wtf guys.

So I'm in the orchestra classroom this morning, and I hear my friend Tiffany say she met someone and got their autograph, so of course I ask who. And she met motherfucking LINDSEY STIRLING at her concert last night. And she went with Scott, which is fine, and I'm pretty sure he likes her, but I'm slightly offended by this because I'm a Lindsey Stirling fan too! I'm over it though. I think the worst part is that I missed two concerts in a row. On Saturday, I missed the BIGBANG concert an hour away from my house.

Ugh got in a fight with my "best friend".

Ok, so my "best friend" is Jerell, and we got in a fight yesterday. I mean he used to be cool (as in he was an awesome person to be around from 3rd-9th grade) but this year it seems like he changed. He still considers us "best friends" and we rarely talk, not even at the beginning of orchestra (because our teacher, the Afro Wizard, gives us way too much time to set up). He never ever answers my texts (although to be honest, he has an excuse). He's always judging me and the people I talk to.


So in AP European History (AP Euro) today, we got our reading schedule for the week. This week we're reading chapter 20, our teacher's favorite chapter.... but the only thing she ever seems to mention from that chapter is the part about infanticide (baby killing for those of you who don't know). And she said the unit test today would be easy like the last one, but it was about a billion times harder.

And in PE today, my friend Ezra tells me, Ruben, Emily, and Eric how he was wearing green eyeshadow at Fright Night on Saturday.

How to be a Killjoy- Living in the Desert

1) Be prepared for some bipolar ass weather, especially during the times when it should be fall or spring. I literally go outside and don't have any idea whether or not its gonna be cold.

2) It is constantly sunny out here in the desert, so don't think that it'll be hot just because its sunny. It is also a very good idea to bring sunglasses.

3) It gets really windy at the most random moments in the desert, so I suggest bringing a bandana or something to cover your nose and mouth if necessary.