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Homecoming and an interesting dream.

Well, last night was Homecoming at my school, and I mostly hung out with Jenna, Tiffany, Angel, and Mira, but what happened when I wasn't with them is the more interesting part. About an hour into the dance (this dance is like 4 hours btw), Desiree told my best friend Jerell that he's lonely or some shit, and he declared me his date for the rest of the dance. At one point he held my hand for like 2 minutes straight, which was like hella awkward, and when they announced the Homecoming court, he had his arm around me.

I don't think my mom understands the concept of high school.

She started yelling at my sister because her story about Dwayne and Amorita keeps changing. The thing is, the story still makes sense with all of these added details, so I highly doubt she's lying. Clearly my mom doesn't understand that in high school, relationships are about a thousand times more complicated than they need to be. She thinks she knows wtf she's talking about, but she was in high school 25 years ago. Things have changed, and I'm not sure she's aware of that at all.

Shit people don't seem to understand about me.

1) why I don't like school events
Well, I just don't. Even if I go with friends, I have all this annoying ass bitches glaring at me, and people bugging me to dance even though I have about as much dance skill as TOP (known for his inability to dance, among other things). And then there's shitty music and shitty food too. Its just not fun, and if its formal or semiformal, its even worse, because I despise dresses (except lolita dresses, but I would have to order that online).
2) I curse a lot.
I can't even tell you how many times people have been surprised that I curse.

A random update and the best awkward moment of all time.

Supposedly an 8th grader at my school is pregnant. O.O

A 7th grader in Beginning Strings said that the full orchestra (my class) is snooty. I later found out who the student was (an acquaintance's little cousin), and supposedly that kid doesn't think before he says stuff, so I'm not sure whether or not I should be pissed.

Anyway, now to the best awkward moment of all time. While she was a contestant on K-Pop Star, Lee Ha Yi (Lee Hi) went to YG Entertainment's main office, which has a recording studio. She went to learn to rap, but she wasn't expecting who she saw.

Le Orchestra Concert

Before I get to that, I'm sorry Tiffany and Stacey that I haven't been posting recently.

So I walk in and find Ezra (bassoon) and Calvin (clarinet) and sit with them because they're basically the only people I talk to in that class cuz my other friends sit so far away. We talk for a couple minutes, and realize suddenly that the Afro Wizard is walking our way, and have mini heart attacks, and he tells us to spread the word about where we need to sit and put our instrument cases and whatnot.

Random blog.

That awkward moment when your English teacher is more distracting than your friends sitting right next to you.

That awkward moment when you're assigned a project for your elective class.

That awkward moment when your former crush asks whether or not you're still in love with him.

That awkward moment when your quiz in chemistry is entirely on biology.

That awkward moment when you realize that the orchestra concert is next week and you haven't practiced at all.

That awkward moment when I wrote this blog and realized I don't really have anything to write about, cuz I have a boring ass life.


LA Adventure

Yesterday, I went to LA because my uncle said he had a surprise for us (and by us, I mean my cousins Breanna and Deanna, and my sisters Maddie and Hannah). We were walking for what seemed like forever, but it actually wasn't that far. We went to a store called Whimsic Alley, which sells Harry Potter merch, and a little bit of Doctor Who merch. I got to try on a Ravenclaw quidditch uniform (I was sorted into Ravenclaw on all the quizzes), and I liked it, like I looked pretty good in it. Lol apparently UCLA has a legit quidditch team, as well as NYU and some other well known colleges.


I would've blogged about this yesterday, but I didn't because I didn't get home until like 1 in the morning.

Yesterday, we went to my uncle Roy's house in Hollywood for Thanksgiving. For about 2 hours, it was just me and my sisters, my mom, my uncle Roy, and grandma, so that part was boring as fuck. Later, when everyone else arrived, we started playing Just Dance. It was hilarious, like my sister Hannah (12 yrs old) played against our cousin Joey (5 yrs old), and Joey was really good, like she had all the dances memorized and shit. Their dance to Cotton Eye Joe was the best.

Song of the Day: AMBULANCE

If you guys didn't know, the videos for AMBULANCE and Gun. were posted on YouTube earlier, so you can listen to them. AMBULANCE seems to remind me of pop punk, which I love, so its okay. I also like Gun., but I prefer AMBULANCE. I'm pretty sure the songs weren't supposed to be released until Friday though, so idk why they were posted today.

-Ritalin Kitty (....or VitaK.)

A "Conversation" with Cleverbot

Me: What is My Chemical Romance?
CB: My Chemical ROmance is a band.
Me: Who is the lead singer of My Chemical Romance?
CB: No x) that would be awesome.
Me: That answer did not make sense.
CB: It made sense to me.

-Ritalin Kitty