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Ok, so I love the summer. Its filled with long days where you can do whatever you want. But I live in the Mojave Desert in California, where there are only two seasons: winter and summer. In the winter, it gets very very cold... and I start school at 7 in the morning. :( But during the summer, its ridiculously hot, usually in the low 100s.

I need something to do this summer... preferably something kind of creative, that would let me express myself and occupy some time.

Danger Days

I just realized this. Danger Days is literally the soundtrack to my life. Na Na Na makes sense when we're driving to my grandma's house, because its in the middle of the fucking desert and my mom tends to speed while driving to or from there. Bulletproof Heart reminds me of how bad I want to leave the desert. Sing just helps me to stand up for what's right in general. Planetary (GO!).... That's me trying to convince my friends to leave the party with me. The Only Hope for Me is You reminds me of my friend Scott and his girlfriend.

A certain child who's birthday happens to be today


Bandit makes me think of my baby sister, who is also 3, but she turns 4 at the end of next month. Lol my sister (Jaymie) looks so different from the rest of us. Me and my 2 other sisters (we all have the same parents) have brown hair and brown eyes. Jaymie (my half sister, the child of my dad and stepmom), has red hair and blue eyes. Omg when I went to Utah for fall break about 2 years ago, there was a picture of my stepmom as a baby. I thought it was Jaymie. Jaymie looks exactly like my stepmom.

Epic Fail

So I was watching a lyric video for The Secret Goldfish by Pencey Prep, and someone wrote this comment: "Why are there a bunch of pictures of Frankie from MCR?" My reaction: *facepalm*

What a fail.


What is this fuckery? There is no need to censor the fucking internet. Its the only place where many of us can express ourselves. And apparently its even worse than SOPA. Oh hell no. I will go all Mockingjay on your ass. (And by "your" I mean the government) We're gonna fight against this shit. ... Omg I think BL/Ind has started to take over.

Stay ugly and keep it beautiful,
Ritalin Kitty

Signing Yearbooks, Killjoys, Homestuck, and Alan Rickman

So I got my yearbook in my 1st class this morning...

Two of my friends signed saying something about killjoys. :D

My bestie Jerell wrote that I'm like a sister to him.... But at the end he wrote "Stay pale, bro." I'm not sure whether I should laugh or be pissed at that last comment.

My friend Stacey said that she thinks my rants are funny, that I was the inspiration for one of their many YouTube channels (VlargNation), and that she hopes me and her have more classes together next year so we can obsess over Alan Rickman (Snape from Harry Potter).

The worst part about this is... There's still

stuff that happened today

So I did round 2 of the orchestra auditions today. He said I have perfect intonation, so I think that's good, because when taking a test, he always points out bad intonation.

Also, there was a yearbook signing party yesterday, where you could get your yearbook early if you ordered one. I didn't go because I didn't want to waste my money and I didn't think my mom bought me a yearbook. It turns out she did, but because I didn't go to the yearbook signing party, I now have to wait until Tuesday

To whoever suggested Ritalin Kitty as a killjoy name, thank you.


Summer vacation is coming soon (June 8 at my school), and this got me to thinking: What music am I going to have on my 2012 summer playlist? I was thinking Summertime by My Chemical Romance (in case that wasn't obvious), Victoria by Eve 6, and Anna Sun by Walk the Moon. Only 3 songs? That's not enough, so if you can think of a good summer song, post it in the comments.

Also, my friend Tiffany and I were talking today about lolita and steampunk, when she came up with the idea of STEAMPUNK LOLITA. I was like, "Best. Idea.

Random shit

Ok, about Gerard's arms that were supposedly bandaged... It looked like he was wearing long sleeves to me when I saw the pics. And even if they were bandages, I have a feeling Gerard just wore them because he wanted to. I really like the brown hair on him though. My only killjoy friend from school is gonna be either really excited or mad when I tell her (she has this idea that Gerard should dye his hair blue or purple, like he's an anime character or something).

Also, my blogs still haven't shown up.:( So for all of you who also have this problem, you're not the only one.

And I need a killjoy

Strings Concert

At my strings concert today, 3 groups performed: Advanced Strings (my class), Full Orchestra (what I'll be taking next year), and Madrigals (the best choir at my school). Everyone did a very good job.

But some interesting things happened. This girl named Hayley did an eargasmic performance of Habanera with the orchestra. My strings teacher put on a mask and cape to perform something from the Phantom of the Opera. No one took him seriously. Oh, and the concert was only supposed to be an hour and a half long, but it took 2 motherfucking hours.