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What the actual fuck?

That was my reaction to 2 events in the past 3 hours.

1) I was late to strings because they cut the passing period by a minute and my strings class (7th period) is all the way across the campus from my English class (6th period). When I got my violin case and started to set up, I was horrified. I opened the case and 2 of my strings had popped. So of course I couldn't play, which sucked, because we were sight reading, and I am a beast at sight reading.

2) When I got home, I turned on the tv and saw about 5 minutes of an episode of Make Room for Multiples.

Fuck off, haters

So, I keep having problems with this chick Michaela. Today her friend had some odd sticky gooey substance and was playing around with it and my friend Auggie goes, "Is that alien sperm?" and Michaela says, "No, its Kaitlin's boyfriend's sperm," and I say, "What?" (cuz I wasn't really paying attention) and she says, "Its your boyfriend's sperm. Get it? Cuz an alien is the only boyfriend you'd ever get." and continues to randomly insult me for no motherfucking reason.

Romeo and Juliet... as vampires

So, today we had the English final, which was to perform 75-100 lines of a scene from Romeo and Juliet. We picked the party scene where Romeo and Juliet first meet. When we were rehearsing a couple days ago, Sierra came up with the idea of vampires vs. werewolves (werewolves= Montagues, vampires=Capulets). Most of us were vampires, including me. I was Juliet. It went well I guess. Another group performed the same scene, but theirs was terrible. We definitely had the best costumes though.

I need ideas

Ok, so my mother is making me come up with 3 different hairstyles. Usually I wear my hair in a ponytail, but its messy as fuck after about 10 minutes because my hair is long and tangles easily. Also how do I convince my mom to let me dye my hair black?? My hair color is so unattractive. Its a medium brown, but it has these ugly ass blonde highlights at the bottom from being in the sun all the time (the blonde just looks odd and unnatural even though I've never dyed my hair). She says I'm too pale though.

I will never let her take me alive. :)

Thank you guys. Lolol next time she says something I'm gonna say something along the lines of "Fuck off" and tell her that I'm not going to change because her opinion is of no value to me. Luckily I only have to deal with her for 5 more days until summer vacation.

And am I the only one who is in love with Our Lady of Sorrows by MCR?? I like all of Bullets, but damn, I love that song. And Teenagers, because my mom banned it. Lol my mom keeps yelling "Go Chicharito!" and "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!" (she's watching soccer on one of the Spanish channels).

-Kat, Kaitlin, Ritalin Kitty (whichever you

Does anyone have advice?

Ok, so this girl Michaela won't stop being a bitch to me. She talks shit about me and my friends all the time. Every time she makes a rude comment to me, I either disprove it or just tell her to stop. And then she keeps criticizing my makeup. I wear a rather light coat of a grayish black eyeshadow (because my eyeshadow brush is made for Bare Minerals, not regular eyeshadow) and slightly thick black eyeliner on top and a bit of eyeliner on the bottom with mascara. Not to mention this is all toned down a bit because I wear glasses. She says that I apply it too dark, etc.

Planetary (GO!), Party Poison, and Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)

Ok, so I just sang those songs, and they are hella difficult to sing. I have even more respect for Gerard now. I mean, its not like the notes are hard to hit, but you lose your breath so easily when singing them, especially when singing Planetary (GO!).

I went to the mall today. It was kind of lame, I didn't buy anything, not even from Hot Topic. And when we went to Aeropostale and Pacsun, my mother tried to convince me to buy a pair of black short shorts. I'm skinny and my calves look fine, but I've always had a problem with my thighs. And we went to JCPenney's and I got 2 bras.

Very bad day

Ok, so in sociology (my 5th period, and my 3rd class of the day today since the schedule rotates), I told Michaela that her information was wrong. I told my friend Sierra about what Michaela said so it wouldn't seem weird when I'm verifying all that information and, in my opinion anyways, a good friend will tell you if someone talked behind your back and what they said. Michaela then proceeded to yell at me saying that she couldn't trust me and that people talk shit about me too and that I'm a bitch for telling Sierra. 1) I'm not Michaela's friend, so I don't care if she doesn't trust me.

(insert ironic title here)

That awkward moment when you think Hayley Williams is incredibly short.... then realize you're the same height as her.

That awkward moment when you realize you were singing incorrect lyrics to Sing, and then go "MY LIFE IS A LIE!!"

That awkward moment when you realize the "morphling" in Catching Fire is morphine.... and this is your 3rd time reading it.

That awkward moment when you made an entire blog of awkward moments.

Awkward blog is awkward.

-Ritalin Kitty

PS: All those awkward moments actually happened to me today.


This girl in my sociology class (who has also been in my class/classes since 4th grade), named Michaela is full of bullshit. Here's how I know.

1) She thought my friends Sierra and Jennifer were lesbians. Sierra is 100% straight, but Jennifer is possibly bi.

2) She called my friend Sierra a whore, saying that she dresses like one and Michaela also said that Sierra's boyfriend is about 20. Sierra couldn't be a whore if she tried, and she dresses normally. Sierra's boyfriend is 15, same as her.

3) She said I wear too much eyeliner.