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Um, okay...

So, everyone is now friends with everyone on the site. That's okay I guess, since we're all into MCR.

And my friend wrote an interesting blog... Apparently my name makes her think of key lime pie with a slight metallic taste from the knife. And Stacey's name makes her think of lobster.

Yeah, idk... I think she may be the only person who is a true friend to me though. Her weirdness makes her fun to be around though.

Do you guys know of any good books or movies or music? I need something to entertain myself for the next 2 months. And also, what are some good earbuds?

I wish I was there

Ok, so MCR was at the Stanley Cup final (at least half of them, there's photographic proof that Ray and Frankie were there).... I so wish I could've gone. My dad loves the Kings. He probably would've ended up beating up little Frankie, though. When I was watching it, I felt so conflicted. I mean, I'm from LA (though I live about 3 hours away now) and my dad likes the Kings, but New Jersey is so awesome. When I realized it was Kings vs. Devils I freaked out cuz I know MCR likes the Devils. Not to mention that hockey is one of the few interesting sports to watch.

Can you guys watch this please?

Ok, so my bestie posted a video called FREAK SHOW on his YouTube channel, TheSilentVloggerX. The girl dancing in the video is dancing to an MCR song, but it is unknown which one because she was listening to the song through earbuds. The person filming is my bestie. You can hear my haters in the background talking shit about me. :( But my bestie was like, "You talking shit bout Kaitlin? She's like my best friend." in an attempt to shut them up but it didn't work so he just blocks them out by commenting on Marissa's dancing more and talking to Jake.



Ok, so I was listening to The Sharpest Lives on my iPod and noticed that the music seemed to be really loud, yet I could still hear my voice singing along really clearly, and that Mikey's bass part was entirely too prominent, it was much louder than everything else. I took out my left earbud and noticed no difference. I took out my right earbud and realized that no fucking sound was coming out of the left earbud. So I can't listen to music anymore on the go... why did this have to happen right at the beginning of summer, when I listen to music the most?

Keep it ugly,
Ritalin Kitty

A bunch of baby ducks

is an episode of the Regular Show. I thought of that episode today at the grocery store because this creeper was following us. In that episode, a bunch of baby ducks imprint on Rigby and start following him around, and Rigby says, "Step off!" like a billion times. That's what I would've said if that creeper had continued to follow us, except it would've been more like, "Step the fuck off, bitch," followed by a kick where it hurts.

Also, one of my favorite teachers was fired for saying fuck. :( He's a high school teacher too. Its not like the students don't say it too.

Is that what they seriously think of me?

Ok, so my friend Elisa talked to this girl Eleeza (the most popular girl of the class of 2015), and Eleeza said that she doesn't like me because she thinks I act too innocent. So the popular clique of class of 2015 at my school thinks I act too innocent (Eleeza pretty much controls the popular clique's opinion). But now that I think about it, I am innocent.


The ghost era theory definitely makes sense. Frank made several references to ghosts on his Twitter recently, and their acceptance speech was about ghosts, and Frank was wearing a t-shirt with a ghost on it.

Has anyone noticed how ridiculously pale Mikey always seems to be? Even now when they live in California.... Actually I shouldn't even be talking. I've lived in California my entire life, and I'm probably just as pale.

Oh, and on Thursday, I bought Bullets off of iTunes. I'm really loving Cubicles, Demolition Lovers, Vampires Will Never Hurt You, and Headfirst for Halos.

Random blog

For the Hogwarts House quiz, I'm a Ravenclaw (9 out of 10), with Gryffindor coming in 2nd, Slytherin coming in 3rd, and Hufflepuff in last. I'm in Luna's house!! :)

So, the last day of school was interesting...
In 1st period (Spanish 3), nothing really happened.
In 2nd period (Biology), me and my friend Phoebe started planking on the tables for no reason.
In 3rd period (Algebra 2), I just sat there reading with no one near me like a loner.
In 4th period (PE), me and my best friend Jerell were hanging out and not doing anything relevant.
In 5th period (Sociology), I sat on the opposite side of


School is finally over, and I don't have to deal with that bitch Michaela anymore!!! :)

So, do you guys have any suggestions of what I could do this summer? My family's gonna go to Disneyland at least once to go on the reopened Matterhorn (they replaced the bobsleds) and to Cars Land. And my friend Tiffany and I are gonna watch all 7 Harry Potter movies in a row. It takes between 19 and 20 hours at least. We're gonna have no sleep and lots of caffeinated beverages. It should be awesome.

Anyway, I hope all you killjoys out there have a good summer!!

-Ritalin Kitty

One more day...

So, tomorrow is the last day of school for me, but I'm not so sure how I feel about that. I mean, I'll miss all of my friends and such, but I feel bad that the issue with Michaela will never get resolved (see previous blogs). Today, she told me to get out of her business and out of her life. That doesn't really make any sense, because she pretty much barged into my life and ruined it. Back in 3rd grade, I was friends with this chick Melissa, who basically ditched me for no reason. In 4th grade, Michaela came and Melissa tried to ditch this other girl Erin.