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I don't know what to call this blog, but you should read it.

So, me and my mom were in the car and I told her about how people have said that MCR is the world's most dangerous band, but Frankie is the only dangerous one because he knocks stuff over and such and my mom goes, "And he kisses Gerard." MY MOTHER SOMEHOW FOUND OUT ABOUT FRERARD. This is an interesting development. And she said she hates mainstream, so it was a pretty nice 5 minute car ride from the grocery store to my house.

-Ritalin Kitty


I have an iTunes gift card, so I have to decide what I'm gonna buy. I think I'm gonna buy mostly Fall Out Boy since I have all 4 MCR albums and all 3 P!ATD albums. I think I'm also gonna get a couple MSI songs and 2 Awolnation songs (Sail and Not Your Fault).

Also, iTunes seems to be off with the genres. They classified Panic! At The Disco as punk. They don't have a single punk song. You can't even really classify them, because they have so many styles. They classified MCR as punk too. I can't really think of any punk songs, unless Na Na Na counts.

Forever alone and a missing yearbook

Ok, so it just seems like I'm forever alone. But then my friend Jerell told me that it seemed like my friend Alvaro liked me when we all went to see the Hunger Games together.... But then I told him how me and my friend Scott basically pulled each other out of depression. And then this convo happened.
Jerell:Try then. Try with him.
Me:What do u mean, "try"? Try what?
Jerell:start something.
Me:What do u mean by something?
Jerell:Nothing. Just make sure you guys stay vlose.
Me:Ok then. Ill probly text him 2morrow or something. Y do u want us 2 stay so close over the summer?
Jerell:Do it.


So, yesterday I went to LA (referring to all the cities in the LA area). First, we went to the Pasadena Chalk Art Festival, where my uncle did a hella realistic chalk drawing of Tonto. We hung out there all afternoon, and it was pretty cool. They handed out lots of free samples of food and drink and stuff and they were giving out free Coke. Then, my mom and uncle said they needed to leave soon to go to The Addams Family, so we went to Rubio's so we could get tacos, and then we went to the theatre. Me and my sisters didn't have tickets, though, so my uncle's girlfriend picked us up.

Wow. I would manage to injure myself playing video games.

Yeah... My right arm hurts every time I lift something because I played too much Band Hero and Green Day Rock Band yesterday. I also played a lot of Just Dance, and it mostly works out your right arm, since your right hand holds the wii remote. I did beat a fuckload of our records on those games though, so its not all bad. Oh yeah, and I did play tennis on Wii Sports... Yeah that wasn't the best idea. I probably should've just played MarioKart.


6th grade promotion

My little sister's 6th grade promotion was today. They had to say their full name (first and last), what they wanted their career to be, and who their role models were. We didn't have to do that when I was in 6th grade, so I immediately started thinking of what I would've said, which is: My name is Kaitlin Cutlip, and I want to be an ophthalmologist. My role models are the members of MCR.
After which, my mother would've been pissed because I didn't say my role model is her. I remember my 6th grade teacher said that we probably wouldn't be talking to each other in high school, but we still do.

I don't really know what to call this blog...

My mother likes Mikey Way. She thinks he's hot. And she admitted to liking Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. Lol I showed her the pics of all of them at the Stanley Cup, and she told me to cover up Alicia's face. Recently, my radio station has been playing The Ghost of You quite a bit, and she sings along every time and tells my sisters to shut up so she can hear the song. I think she's slowly becoming a fan... :) But she can have a different favorite, because Mikey's my favorite. Although my faves are the Way brothers, so if she refuses to pick someone different I'll just go back to Gerard.


Girl Confessions
1)Do you sleep in your bra? Yes.
2)Do you like noodles? I practically exist off of noodles.
3)Do you enjoy drama? Fuck no.
4)Are you a girly girl? No.
5)Small or large purses? Large.
6)Are you short? Yes.
7)Do you like somebody? No.
8)Do you care if your socks are dirty? Yes.
9)Do you like halloween? Yes of course, its Frankie's birthday. And you get to dress up in costume.
10)Favorite time of the year? Spring.
11)Where is the weirdest place you have slept? My friend Allyson's living room floor.
12)Has anyone touched/smacked your butt in the past 24 hours? Hell no.

It feels like something's missing without seeing my friends every day. Like Scott, Alvaro, Jerell, Alondra, Sierra, Tiffany, and even Auggie (even though we fight all the time). I'm not sure what I should think about AP Euro though. That class is basically just full of my friends and/or acquaintances. And I heard the teacher's nice. But at the same time, we're taking a quiz the very first day of school on the geography of Europe and reading about 10 pages a night. And its official now, I made it into the orchestra!!! :)

Okay, I'm seriously missing my guy friends.

I am meant to date a member of the Harry Potter cast or something

Ok, so I've been taking quizzes all day, and for the celebrity boyfriend ones, I always end up getting Robert Pattinson or Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe. Also, am I the only one who thinks of Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory (Hufflepuff) and not Edward Cullen?

And I lost the Black Parade lyric booklet for forever, and I just found it!! :D

-Ritalin Kitty