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4th of July

So, yesterday was the 4th of July, and we actually did something this year instead of staying home. Around lunch time we went to go see Brave, and it was a cute movie. I'm sure it would've been more interesting if I was younger though. Then we went to my grandma's house for dinner and fireworks. Dinner was good; nearly everything was slathered in butter. It was steak, a baked potato, corn on the cob, asparagus, and baked beans. I got so much corn stuck in my teeth but I didn't give a single fuck. We had dessert, which were these fried pie thingies with plum filling.

I nearly died from how ridiculously cute/awesome Frank's tweet was.

Because he tweeted 7 hours ago and I'm in the same time zone as him, I'm assuming he was waking up the twins after a nap. He asked Lily what she dreamt about, and she said ponies. He asked her what the pony's name was, and she said Dracula. Lily seriously had a dream about a pony named Dracula. That's how you know that kid will be awesome.

-Ritalin Kitty

"I don't like One Direction, but I don't really like MCR either. The only reason I care about MCR is because Mikey Way is hot. And some of their music is good." Yeah, last month she admitted to liking Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and she said she hates mainstream. And she curses all the time, her favorite one is fuck. Lolol because of her I speak Spanglish now (I live in the US so I speak English, and my mom is Mexican-American so she speaks both languages. I'm Mexican, half white btw.)

-Ritalin Kitty

Overly Complicated

Ok, so me and 2 of my friends (Scott and Tiffany) plan on having a Harry Potter marathon. This was the original plan to get to Scott's house: On a weekday, I give Tiffany a ride to Scott's house sometime between 2 am and 7 am. Scott will sneak us in. (This plan was made by Scott and Tiffany.) Then I was like, why don't you just ask your parents? And Scott said, "Oh you're right that would be easier." This is what happens when your friends attempt to make plans for something in the middle of the night.
-Ritalin Kitty

My favorite MCR interview moment

Its during The Black Parade Interview Part 3 (the video is by patrickstumpissohot). They're asked what 3 things they would bring to a deserted island or something along those lines, anyway. Mikey says that he would bring a conch shell (but if you listen closely, he said a conch shell so you can talk to people, which seems to be a Spongebob reference), and Gerard says, "Why don't you bring coconuts too, Mikey," and Frank says something about bringing sand and an inflatable palm tree. Its quite funny.

Hot Topic

is having a sale right now on t-shirts, so if there's at least two you've been wanting (its buy one get one half off), you should take advantage of that. We went there today, and I got this shirt that says Dr. Dr. Dr. Mr. and it has the faces of Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard from The Big Bang Theory (the shirt references the fact that all of them have doctorates but Howard, which is funny because Howard's the one who gets to do all the cool shit, like going to space.) I have 3 shirts from there now. I have an MCR shirt, the Dr. Dr. Dr. Mr.

Something odd about this site and my sister is homophobic.

Ok, so yesterday I attempted to go on this site and it wouldn't let me. Literally every other website in existence worked except for this one, so did something happen to this site yesterday? Oh, and I was using my laptop with a great reception (the router and all that shit are downstairs next to my mom's computer). And when I pressed "diagnose problem" (or whatever the fuck that button says) it said there was a problem with the web site itself.

And also, my sister is fucking homophobic. And the thing is, I have gay/lesbian relatives.

Adele's pregnant!!!

I know she's pretty mainstream and all, but I love her music and her voice. I'm so happy for her right now. :)

-Ritalin Kitty

My favorite line from my favorite song from my favorite movie. Comment if you know what it is. :)

Have any of you guys read Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz? Its the only paranormal teen romance that I've read that doesn't involve vampires and/or werewolves. This involves spirits, witches, and cursed lovers. And the music the main characters listen to is alternative rock. Lots of Blink 182, and when they hear a friend's band play, she says one of the songs is a butchered version of a My Chemical Romance song. And there's a playlist of the music in the back.

In love?

Ok, so I've blogged about my friend Scott before (you can check out my previous blogs if you haven't read it). But something was definitely different yesterday when we were texting. He was really protective of me. I told him about my nightmares and waking up in the middle of the night feeling suicidal. He told me about how writing helps him with depression... And he also said he'd always be there for me... like 5 or 6 times. I think I might be falling in love with him, but I can't flirt for shit.