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Bifocals Rant

Ok, so I wear bifocals (they're glasses, but the top is one prescription and the bottom is a different prescription). They're annoying as hell and fucking pointless. The doctor says I can't get rid of them unless I have surgery. They're supposed to be used for reading, and if I'm reading I just take off my fucking glasses. I never use that shit, its just there. I seriously wanna fucking break my glasses just to get rid of that extraneous ass lense. I am so fucking sick of this bifocal fuckery.

My killjoy is done!

Ok, so I have finally finished my killjoy outfit, with the help of Electric Ice. Its black skinny jeans, Doc Martens (in black, with red laces if I can), a ripped black tank top with another tank top in red underneath, and the jacket is gonna be black (all accessories and whatnot, including pins and/or patches for the jacket, will be red). I really like black and red, my glasses that I wear every day are black and red, I wear a black and red leather bracelet every day, and whatnot.

Friday the 13th

I love Friday the 13th. It always ends up being a good day for me. For example, I really really love the smell of rain, and it rained last night, so of course its gonna smell like rain for at least 2 more days. One time, when I was younger, I saw a double rainbow on Friday the 13th. Its always good.

And also, I need ideas for my killjoy outfit.

Toro Thursday

Ray Toro is a fucking genius. I never really understood why he's so underappreciated, like Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley (the other two members of Fall Out Boy). Just had to say it.

I think we all have the same favorite Ray Toro moment though... when he murdered the cupcake in LOTMS.

Anyway, if I don't blog on Sunday, happy birthday Torosaurus!

-Ritalin Kitty

Check Yes Juliet

So, I was listening to that song earlier, and a flood of memories went through my head. I remembered all the awkwardly funny times we had acting out Romeo and Juliet in my English class. Especially the time when I was playing Juliet and my friend Scott (who possibly likes me, as in more than friends) really wanted to be Paris in the scene where Juliet's family discovers her "dead", Paris was generally supposed to be sad and causing a scene because he was so upset.

Harry Potter weekend

Yesterday, I realized that I made my immediate family (mom and sisters) fans of Harry Potter. For a long time, my sister Maddie would always criticize it but now she's on the 3rd book and can't stop reading. My mom is about to finish the 5th book and my sister Hannah is about to finish the 6th book. I finished the series 1 or 2 days after the 7th book came out.

So, yeah, I wasn't blogging yesterday afternoon because I was watching Harry Potter. I think I might watch both parts of the 7th movie later.

-Ritalin Kitty

A quiz I took and I think my friend likes me

There's this quiz on called Which band member should you date? and if you get lead singer, its a pic of Gerard. Just thought you guys should know.

And I seriously think my friend Scott likes me. We started talking about being forever alone and whatnot and he kept hinting that he knows someone who likes me. He also said that he would kill himself if I killed myself (I'm not suicidal, its just something that he said), which I thought was crazy. And that's not even mentioning all the times he said he'd always be there for me (which is a lot, I seriously lost count).

Stay beautiful,

Its wingardium levi-O-sa, not wingardium levio-saaaa.

I felt a quote from Hermione was an appropriate title for this blog, because I walked downstairs to discover that my mom has been watching the ABC Family Harry Potter weekend. Lol it was the part where Umbridge was interviewing the teachers and she was asking Snape about the Defense Against the Dark Arts position. Snape's the best.

-Ritalin Kitty

AP European History summer assignment :(

So I have this summer assignment for my AP Euro class I'm taking next year. We have to learn the geography of Europe, including every capital, river, mountain range, some additional cities, and of course the countries. We're gonna be quizzed on it the very first day. We also have to read a short excerpt from The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli and answer 8 questions. Then we have to read all of Utopia by Thomas More and answer 6 questions on that. The final part is a 500 word essay on this topic: Contrast a state under a Machiavellian ruler with a state organized like Utopia.

MCRmy pledges

People keep posting MCRmy pledges, and Electric Ice's was my favorite. People have sort of an official pledge, and it mentions things like shopping for hours to find a jacket like the ones MCR wears, etc. Well, with the way MCR is, you can create your own uniform in the theme of the current album (or past albums). You don't have to copy them exactly, especially since they like seeing a variety of MCR inspired uniforms in the crowd, not just copies of their outfits. As Gerard once said, he likes seeing a colorful crowd, but he also appreciates the one kid still in the marching band uniform.