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Why can't summer last forever?

So, this week is my orientation for school, where I go get my schedule and my books, as well as find my classes. I really hate school. I guess I like the learning part, but I really hate the people there. They're backstabbers. Most of the time, I don't seem to be getting bullied, but then one day, I find out all the shit people have said about me behind my back, and I just get so irritated. Once they made fun of me cuz I was crying in PE. But they didn't know I was depressed. They didn't know how the teacher hated me for no reason. They don't know anything about me, yet they say the most.

Yay a new blog! (not really)

It seems all of you guys have already congratulated Gerard, but I'll say it one more time. Congrats!!!

Ok, now on to the real point of this blog. I woke up this morning sweating buckets, so I looked at the thermostat, and it was 85 degrees.... at 7 in the morning. WTF California? And then my friend proceeded to text me that she was getting her wisdom teeth pulled out. I hope you feel better Elisa! Also, to my friend Tiffany, quit using the internet on your phone! It keeps fucking up our YouTube messages! And you did a good job on that fake bob btw.

Ok, this will make a bit more sense if you check my blog and read the one that's called Confusing blog post, or something along those lines anyway.

So, before school ended, I came up with the idea to have a Harry Potter marathon with my friend Tiffany. During vacation, near the end of June, I mentioned my idea to Scott (he's good friends with both me and Tiffany). He immediately wanted to join in and offered for the marathon to be at his house, and we started to plan it out.

What the actual fuck.

Ok, so my best friend's name is Jerell, I've known him for like 7 years now... but apparently everyone thinks we're dating and/or wants us to date. We don't even have feelings for each other. He once said he loves me like a sister. But no one gives a shit, they still act like we're an item anyway.

My Addiction

Before you read the rest of this blog, I should tell you my addiction is not to drugs, or alcohol, or cutting, or anything like that. Oh no, my addiction is to something far worse.... known only as *dun dun dun* YouTube *le gasp*.

I have a legit addiction to YouTube. I literally spend almost all of my time on YouTube. I get pissed when I check my subscription box and not a single video is there.

Confusing blog post....

Ok, so my friend "T" posted a really confusing blog post. I messaged her about it earlier on YouTube, but she hasn't replied. All I know that a close friend of hers refuses to tell her something, and I guess its really important and involves her other friends, cuz she's hella pissed. And she said that if the close friend doesn't tell her the thing she wanted to know by tomorrow, she's gonna tell a certain female a certain secret. Yeah, her blog was that fucking vague. All I know is that its not me or our friend Stacey she's mad at.



She better make that Lamingtons video...

-Ritalin Kitty

Annoying Stereotypes

One day in sociology, we were having a discussion as to whether I'm scene, emo, or goth. I said none, that I'm just different and enjoy alternative rock. But no, they just had to look up what exactly scene, emo, and goth are so they could classify me. I don't consider myself to be any of those things, but they kept asking me things like, "So what are you then?


So, I just came back from Red Lobster and that shit was good, but I got full within like 5 bites of my entree (garlic shrimp and scallop noodles, I don't remember what kind of noodles they were). Lol I somehow managed to eat my entire dessert though. But anyways, now I'm in a food coma and I'm just lying here blogging and watching Big Brother simultaneously.

In other news, because I don't ask for much and my sisters got 2 pairs of shoes for school and I only needed one pair, my mom's gonna buy me some eyeshadow palettes, so now I can finally recreate the look from the Helena video, and


So I logged onto my YouTube account this morning and found a video from bubzbeauty in my subscription box announcing that she's getting married!! Congrats Bubz!!!

And also, I probably will make the first videos for my YouTube channel today, so if you guys have any suggestions, comment please! Oh, and I don't know how to edit or anything so these first videos are not going to be edited at all. But if any of you guys subscribed to my channel, expect a video this weekend. I'll tell you guys if I can't put it up, there is a possibility of my mom not letting me.