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My sister is an asshole.

So I open my ramen and am about to get some water to make said ramen, when my dumbass sister says, "Mama says we can't use the water, because Hannah's using it." (Hannah is really fucking picky and only drinks water and soda.) Bitch, why the fuck didn't you tell me this BEFORE I opened the ramen?? Or how about this morning? That would've been nice. Oh, and its not like water is the only thing there is to drink in the house. We have like 3 fucking gallons of lemonade and a gallon of sweet tea. I'm sure Hannah will be able to survive the next two hours.

Mah weekend was awesome.

So we went to Heritage Festival in San Francisco over the weekend as a class trip for the Full Orchestra (the group I'm in) and the Wind Ensemble.

We were supposed to leave at 7, when school started, but dumbass flute section leader, Brandon, left his flute at home, so we didn't leave until like 8. We watched movies on the bus and shit, but I only remember Indiana Jones.

Since Psy is so relevant...

I thought I should mention that his new dance isn't new at all. The dance in his mv for Gentleman is actually the same dance from Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls. He's bringing the dance back, and clearly he has permission too, because the lead female in the video is Gain, the youngest member of Brown Eyed Girls. Also, I thought this was funny: Psy asked Gain to be in the video on April Fools' Day.

Oh, and this isn't relevant to the title, but I'm really loving Fall Out Boy's new album right now. Alone Together and Where Did the Party Go are seriously my jams right now.

A random rant about two things that have been annoying me recently.

1) Petite clothing
Ok, I know it says petite, so it makes sense to make the clothes shorter and whatnot, but why the fuck does everything "petite" automatically make everyone petite look super fucking wide? Idk about you, but most of the petite people I know are not wide. Petite clothes all seem to fit people weird, and clothing companies need to get their shit together and learn that petite does not equal wide as fuck.

2) those annoying ass bitches who review movies
They can never just be satisfied with a movie, no, they just have to be an asshole and make the movie seem super shitty.

I can't even.

I guess I'll never understand why MCR broke up. I never thought they would make music forever, but I expected them to go the Fall Out Boy way and just go on some excessively long hiatus while all of their fans waited faithfully. Clearly that's not gonna happen.... I never got to see them live, and now I never will. The music and the band will always be special to me, considering in about a month, they'll officially be my favorite band for 8 years (half my life!). I wish this didn't happen, but there's nothing I can do.

Random ass people at my school

Seriously though, why the fuck do all these random ass people try to talk to me?

One time, this random ass 7th grader asked me if she could I have a piece of the brownie I was eating as I walked past her to go to my lunch table.

Last week, this junior or senior guy came up to my lunch table and asked us if we were 8th graders when one of us was clearly wearing the Class of 2015 sweatshirt.

My lunch table is near a basketball court (technically its just a basketball hoop), and normally we don't pay any attention to the guys playing basketball, except for my friend Mira, because sometimes her


My mom always seems to yell at me for singing too loud when I happen to be singing at a lower volume than usual. She always complains about how she can hear me from downstairs (but its a small apartment still), like I'm so damn far away. She plays her music on 100% volume on her computer and turns the speakers all the way up and has the nerve to complain about me not having a ridiculously quiet voice.

My least favorite song.... I Got A Boy by Girls' Generation (aka SNSD). The song isn't good, and they look like they're trying too hard. Just based on the way they're dressed and the image they're trying to go for, it looks like they're trying to be f(x), 2NE1, or maybe even BIGBANG back in the days of Haru Haru and before then. SNSD is generally known for being cute and adorable as well as for their upbeat dances. When they go into a more hip-hop style as they did for this song, it just doesn't suit them.

Picture of me and mah best friend (and a funny pic of Gerard)

Obviously I'm the one on the left, and you can't see it, but I'm wearing studded combat boots with that dress. And my best friend Jerell made me be his date for the night, which was fun and simultaneously very awkward, as he found it necessary to hold my hand and have his arm around me like we were a couple.


Things that annoy me about YouTube

I think I already made a post like this, but I have some other stuff to mention.

1) When YouTubers go overboard with the sponsors and start running their channel like a business.

They get further from the fans, and their videos become infomercials. You can make money off of YouTube, but if you're gonna be sponsored, do it like Wong Fu Productions, and just have that banner at the beginning of the video. Don't sit here and make your videos advertisements.

2) The new layout.

Its so fucking bad! Its kind of tacky looking, and there's so much irrelevant stuff on the side.