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AP Calculus Rant

Ok seriously I'm so done with AP Calculus AB it's not even funny. How is it that I understand the lessons, homework, and quizzes, but fail all the tests? Oh I know: it's probably because Salazar (my teacher) only teaches like the basic stuff and not applications of it but only puts applications of it on the tests. Because it totally makes sense to test us on something you didn't teach right? Like today I was finishing the fall break calculus packet, and saw a problem that was in the note packet things he gives us. So I found that packet, and realized there was no solution to that kind of problem because he completely skipped it. How is it okay to give us homework on something you never even taught? No wonder only like 5 people in all his classes end up passing the AP test.

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YouTube Music Awards Rant

I liked it but there were certain things about it that just bothered me.

1) The Hosts/Anything Could Happen
I do think that it's a cool concept to have an awards show where anything can happen, but there has to be some sort of flow to it all. Like the one-shot music video thing was cool but there was too much randomness going on in between. The hosts seemed fun, but they didn't really know what they were doing.

2) The Nominees
I liked most of the nominee choices but I feel like they could've appreciated the "indie" artists a lot more, which is honestly a huge part of why I wanted to watch.

3) Fandoms

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The media is annoying.

So we all know that the media likes to exaggerate things for dramatic effect right? Well its really getting on my nerves. Like I was looking at CNN, and all these authors were like freaking the fuck out about North Korea. In the US, since we are allied with South Korea, yeah, it makes sense to be worried about these things. But considering how effing poor North Korea is and how South Korea requires most male citizens to serve in the military (except for certain people, like for example, a kpop star named Taecyeon can't serve because his eyesight is exceptionally bad, and I thought of him cuz there's this dude at my school who looks like him but anyway), South Korea could probably fight off North Korea themselves. But here's something no one in North America seemed to notice. North Korea has threatened South Korea how many times since the 90's? About 3. How many times have they actually done anything? 0. And that's just one example.

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Chllingworth is a creepy fuck + Rant about two-faced friends

We were up in AP English today, discussing The Scarlet Letter, and we talked about the scene where Dimmsdale is like asleep or whatever, and Chillingworth goes all pedo status and decides to randomly feel up his shirt like wtf. Like how in the fuck did Dimmsdale not wake up, and why in the hell would you do that you creepy little shit? No wonder Hester cheated on yo ass.

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Things that annoy me


1) My sister has the nerve to tell me to stop singing because our other sister is doing homework. What the actual fuck? Like seriously? The one actually doing the homework never complained, so why should I have to stop singing?

2) Teachers at school like to give us homework without actually telling us what it is, so I have a fuckton of missing assignments in math class all because my teacher can't just write on the front board. A total of like 5 people can actually see the homework board, and then he never gives us enough time to actually write it down before class ends. Either you need to tell us about it, or you need to shut the fuck up.

Also what do you guys think of the new P!ATD songs?

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My Favorite Songs (in no particular order)

Wild and Young by Kang Seung Yoon (its Korean rock, or maybe its pop-rock)
Destiny by Infinite
Miss Jackson by Panic! at the Disco
Girls Girls Girls by SHINee
Can't Leave by SHINee
Evil by SHINee
Dangerous by SHINee
Nightmare by SHINee
Dora Dora by U-KISS (has 3 English-speaking members, Kevin, AJ, and Eli)
A-Yo by SHINee
This Love by SHINHWA
Mirotic by TVXQ (aka DBSK)
Expectation by Girl's Day
Smoky Girl by MBLAQ
Lipstick by Orange Caramel
Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
Replay by SHINee
Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons
Intuition by CN BLUE (also Korean rock)
I'm A Loner by CN BLUE
Nillili Mambo by Block B
Still Into You by Paramore
Lesson One (Tablo's Word) by Tablo (he's basically a genius, he graduated from Stanford with two degrees in three years)
Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls (Psy took his latest dance from them, and the girl in Gentleman is from Brown Eyed Girls.)
Tarantallegra by Xia Junsu
Please Don't by K.Will
Break Down by Super Junior-M

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I don't like Six Flags.

My mom has the nerve to be mad at me for not liking Six Flags, but here's the thing. I don't like rollercoasters. I can't handle anything more intense than Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Hollywood. Why in the fuck did she think that it was a good idea to take me to Six Flags, the "rollercoaster capital of the world"? And now she's blaming me for supposedly "ruining" said trip. I told her so many times that I didn't want to go to Six Flags, but she made me go anyway. I also said I would go on Ninja and Gold Rusher, but I didn't. (I went on the bumper cars, the restraint was way too damn tight for everybody, and some dumbass hit me at full speed from the back, effectively making it hard to breathe and my chest painful for basically the rest of the day.) I wanted to go on them, but I didn't want to be the idiot who died on a rollercoaster because they knew they weren't feeling well but got on anyway.

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I'm done being bullied by my own damn family.

Ugh seriously. I'm so done with my mom and sister's bullshit.

My sister is under the impression that she's older than me and therefore the boss, but I'm older and she refuses to let me do what I want. I want to sing, I can't because she's "reading". (I just heard her turn on her computer btw.) I want water, I can't have any because our other little sister has to drink water. Bitch stfu. If she's really that damn thirsty she can have some fucking chocolate milk, sweet tea, or lemonade. She blackmails me all the time and I'm so sick of it.

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Now You See Me

Its a very good movie, but I have one thing to complain about. Not the movie, but other dumbasses who review it. Not that everyone who disagrees with me is dumb, but people weren't really thinking when they saw the end. At the end of the movie, its sort of a cliffhanger, and people complained that the movie didn't tie up all the loose ends well and shit. Considering this fact, that means there must be a sequel, plus what the characters say at the end implies a sequel. Its made blatantly obvious that there will be a sequel, but people apparently weren't able to figure that out.

Not that I know there's gonna be a sequel but the movie was clearly written to have a sequel.

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My sister is an asshole.

So I open my ramen and am about to get some water to make said ramen, when my dumbass sister says, "Mama says we can't use the water, because Hannah's using it." (Hannah is really fucking picky and only drinks water and soda.) Bitch, why the fuck didn't you tell me this BEFORE I opened the ramen?? Or how about this morning? That would've been nice. Oh, and its not like water is the only thing there is to drink in the house. We have like 3 fucking gallons of lemonade and a gallon of sweet tea. I'm sure Hannah will be able to survive the next two hours. So instead I had to make some random ass Lean Cuisine. I swear to god my sister is the worst fucking thing to happen to this earth. She's a bully (she bullied this little Korean kid Stephen, who I personally think is adorable, and in PE class, which we had together), and very bitchy. She's like Regina George times infinity.

This isn't just about food though, I'm just sick of her being such a fucking douche all the time.