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Soo many papercuts!!

I"m serious and it freakin' hurts! Especially the one I have on that little bit of skin that connects my thumb to my finger. Every day for the past few days I've gotten some form of scratch or paper cut. The worst part is that I don't notice them until I do something stupid like put a ton of hand sanitizer on it (which I did this morning).

Another Poem is on it's way!!!

Yeah, pretty much what the title said. I"ve been working on this one for about a week and a half, I'm just gonna let it sit a little longer and see what I think of it in a day or two.


I just read the Conventional Weapons thingy! soo excited!!! Can't wait for October. Just reading that made my day a whole lot better.

My first poem on here!

**NOTE: I'm kind of nervous about sharing this because its my first time posting something like this anywhere. It's centered around the stress my parents have been putting on me. So yeah..sorry if it sucks, I wrote it in like 10 minutes, so I'm aware it doesn't rhyme. OH and I edited a little bit of it. I'm still messing around with the title..**

The pressure you're putting on me
Is too much to bear
Can't take it much longer
Or else I think I'll snap

Pulling me in all directions
Being my own enemy is hard enough
Smothering me won't solve anything
Overload isn't the way.

See this the way I do

Heyy If I Were To Post Some Poetry/Songs I've Written On Here, Would They Get Read?

Just wondering...Kinda wanna get my work out there instead of keeping it all in my notebook in my backpack all the time.

Happy Birthday Mikey!!!

Not much more to say other than you make it cool to be a quiet person!

absolutely terrifying.

i think i spelled the title wrong, but that's WAAAYYY beside the point. i just drove to school for the first time by myself. i know it's a weekend, but my parents wanted to see if i could drive the few blocks to school before monday. it was scary being out by myself! i'm so used to having my dad right next to me in the passenger's seat. i almost had an accident backing out of the driveway, i was concentrating too much on not hitting our pickup rather than traffic, and i almost hit someone. i doubt it'll happen again, but i'm still kind of scared, and that was about 20-30 minutes ago.

i did it!

today was an awesome birthday. firstly, after school, i had an appointment to get my license, but we were running late because i didn't leave my keys at home so my dad could just pick me up in my car. so we ran home, got my car, drove through town, just barely made it to the appointment, waited an agonizing 25 minutes, then i drove with the guy and apparently i did good enough to pass the test! so i have my license, but my parents aren't letting my drive alone until monday because i still do things that freak them out.

Any of you guys have a youtube account? My friend and I are having trouble...

My friend and I are trying to create a YouTube account that we share mutually for the mini movies we tend to make together. Here's the problem: we can log onto our own individual accounts just fine, but when we try to create a mutual account, this google thing keeps popping up and it won't let us do anything unless we create that specific google account. Any advice? Is that what's supposed to happen?

I'm not ready for this

For my birthday I'm planning to go down to the drivers liscense place and get my liscense. My appointment thing is on Tuesday and I'm flipping out.
I went driving with my dad today and I did bad. I don't know why I did so horribly and why I did some stupid things at some points, so it was extremely hard to explain to him why I did something. How can I explain it if I don't even know? Anyway, only one of my friends has already taken the test and I don't get to see him until Tuesday so it isn't like I can necessarily ask what I'm going to be 'graded' on until right before my test.
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