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guys, I think I'm starting to have a problem..

pretty eye catching title, huh? Anyway, I do think that I'm starting to have an issue with my shyness. I have been coming out of my shell a LOT this year, and I'm able to make friends and everything but I'm still much too shy to even tell someone wearing an MCR shirt that I like their shirt. (and there's this guy who has all these MCR shirts and I really wanna talk to him but I'M WAY TOO SHY!!)
So, do you have any advice? I've heard the 'just push yourself to do it' but sometimes that's almost impossible for me!

coffee run

Lately my parents have been letting me go places by myself and today I decided to go for a coffee run.


And happy Ieroween to everyone else! (Do you guys know how hard it is to NOT correct everyone at school when they say Halloween instead of Ieroween?)

Hi Guys! I need some feed back.

My friend asked me earlier this week if I wanted to come to her Halloween party. Then I was told I had to come in costume. I wasn't planning on dressing up, but I have until tomorrow evening to throw something together, and it's unlikely I can get to the Halloween store in time.

So, here are my ideas:
*Rag doll-Tim Burton inspired, do I really need a wig? cuz I have the dress and makeup...
*Vampire-I would need fangs, but I have plenty of black clothes. Somewhat cheesy...I know.
*Debbie Harry or some other punk rocker-I believe my hair is blonde enough, just need clothes.


Wise words from my science teacher.

He said to quote him on this so I am. On here.

'Bad things are bad.'

I'm gonna bleach my hair in a couple weeks...any advice?

Okay so within the next few weeks I plan on bleaching my hair. I want to make it like Taylor Momsen's (Pretty Reckless), and I am aware it's going to take a few bleachings to get it like that. I've been hearing some rumors about it recently, and it's really starting to scare me, as I haven't done anything other than highlights.
-you hair falls out/feels like straw/gets thin
-deep conditioning doesn't help
-gives you dandruff.
I've only dyed all of my hair about 4 times (if you count the highlights I got in order to take some of the black off and don't count touch-ups) in my life and have


I can't sing because I started losing my voice this morning and now it's kind of a sore throat meets somewhat lost voice and it's killing me that I can't sing!!

I think I just made everyone I know worry about me a little bit more...

Typically I'm kind of a shy, softspoken person-I don't talk to a whole lot of people and have some trouble talking in front of the class.

Today I tried out for the jumpstyle team (a couple kids in my class wanted to start a Jumpstyle team) and I actually made it (!!!)

A couple people I know showed up. One of them was super supportive, but the other was all like 'Why're you trying out for this? you're shy!' (not exact words.)

I told my boyfriend during our lunch period and he kind of gave me an odd look, but wasn't mean about anything.

Little known fact: I LOVE performing.

Shading? Anyone?

Do you have any advice on shading? In art we're doing a project that's totally shading and it's really fun, but I'm having trouble with the whole 'shading' part. My drawing looks good so far, but I think the teacher's getting annoyed with me asking for help every 5 minutes. The drawing:It's the grim reaper standing over a gravestone. I've already shaded in the headstone, but I'm having a lot of trouble with the grim reaper's cloak-I can't get it to look like I just took my pencil and colored it in black.

I got to drive to somewhere that wasn't school!

Long story short I got a car last month-which got me out of driving our truck that I absolutely hate-and I was allowed to drive it ONLY if it was to school and back or I was with one of my parents. Well today, since it was a Saturday which meant there was little traffic, my parents let me drive the few miles to my boyfriends house BY MYSELF! Looking back, it's kind of funny how excited I was and still am. I seriously doubt that that's gonna happen again anytime soon, but it was fun while it lasted.

Now if I could only get them to let me drive just a few more miles to Starbucks and Taco