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I mailed my letter!

woo! It was kind of nerve wracking though, cuz the lady at the post office looked at it, and then she gave me a really weird look, so I think she knew what I was doing...but oh well!

Can't tell if...

My parents are mad at me or not. I know, kind of a silly thing to not know, but I rarely get in any sort of trouble, so this is kind of 'new' to me (I've been in my room on my computer for the past...let's just say since around 4 this afternoon). I'm gonna try to get some sleep, wish me luck and I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow. (It'll probably be forgotten by the end of the weekend, or hopefully by late tomorrow morning. fingers crossed!)

There was something else I was gonna say too, but I forgot what it bummer.


okay so this is my life so far:

1. performed a dance (it was a school thing, but it was for fun, so not a big deal) on Saturday. Surprisingly, I was shaking due to nerves but as soon as I got up onstage i was fine. I think I may have done something wrong there, because the back of my knees and my ankles really hurt.

2. texted the person I like. The conversation was about 5 texts back and forth between me and the person. Feeling extremely victorious right now.

3. On Gerard's Twitter he said that everyone who sent him something will get something back.
Go check out his Twitter.

I think I"m at peace finally.

It's been 1 week, and I'm as close to acceptance of the break up as I can get. Meaning not very close.
Still need to send my letter to Gerard. It's mostly planned out in my head, I just need to get it on paper. Someone remind me to do that.

last time about this i swear!

it isn't letting me finish creating the account, so just email my other email address

sorry for any confusion!

ignore my last post!

I posted it before I sent it into yahoo for validation, and it didn't let me.

it is now

my email if you guys wanna email me!

if any of you want to email me feel free to.

What's gonna happen to the website?

Just wondering. I enjoy 'talking' to you all and reading posts, I don't want this to end either. emails anyone?

I think you guys need to read this.

Okay. I've composed my thoughts a little bit, but I'm still not sure how this will go. I"m still crying pretty hard.
My Chemical Romance will always be my favorite band. They have helped me through so much and I will always love them.
I am very upset, as the one thing I've wanted for several years was to see them live, but I don't htink that is going to happen now.
I do hope that each member will continue with music and maybe they will collaborate in the future.
Lastly I love the MCRmy so freakin' much. You guys are awesome! What's going to happen to the website?