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..And I made them listen to MCR

yeah long story short I set MCR's cover of Desolation Row to a video I made for school and my entire first hour had to sit through a minute and a half of awesome music.

Awesome show last night!!

first time performing EVER! and I did good, according to the people who knew me. It was a lot of fun, to say the very least, thought I"m not sure why we didn't finish one of our songs after the a little confused there.
Anyway, my bestfriend was filming the whole thing and I plan on posting video as soon as she gets it edited.

First show tonight!

and I'm super nervous! The show isn't for like 8 anna half hours but my stomach is already in knots. Any advice? I've got my best friend showing up with me and she's gonna distract me until I have to go on, but I'm so afraid I'll screw up!

well that was smart of me

I was practicing my guitar last night (I have a show Saturday) and I went to put my guitar in it's case which was in the middle of my room. Then I went to go get ready for bed and intended to put my guitar case against a wall or just out of the way in general but instead I decided to not watch where I was going and I rammed my toe into the side of the case. It stopped bleeding...yet still hurts to walk.
Just goes to show that the one time I don't look at my feet when I walk I injure myself.

I wore a skirt today guys!

Normally I wouldn't wear a skirt, but this one was blue and red and PLAID and all in all really cute. So, i wore it! and got a lot of weird looks from my guy friends. And realized that I didn't exactly know how to wear a skirt without looking paranoid about it blowing up in the wind.

Concert! Yay!

I'm finally being in my first show!!* I've been in a band since February (it was like a course that I signed up for and I got put in a band. I know, not as great as starting a band myself but it was a good experience and it was really fun. Speaking in past tense because after the show it's likely we won't be a band anymore:( ) and our concert is Saturday!!! I play rhythm guitar but I get to play the lead parts on two of our songs (mostly cuz I know them pretty well and practiced them prior to being in a band)

I needs ideas!

Alright-I need some creative input! I'm taking a digital video class and for our final we have to do a how to video. I'm doing how to create your own temporary tattoo and I need a couple ideas-one for my test to make sure it actually works and one for the video. It also needs to be small (finger, wrist, ankle, ect) so I don't freak anyone out too much.
Any ideas? Also if I do words or something that needs to go a certain way, will they turn out backwards?

So I was just on Twitter....

trying to forget about the fact I didn't have the best day at school when I see Gerard's tweet about liking Black Veil Brides.
Obviously I'll be really happy-the singer from my favorite band likes my other favorite band-what's not to be happy about?
So I'm sitting there being really happy and kind of spazzing out a little bit.
Then I saw the replies from the guys of BVB and I about exploded from happiness.
Thus, my day just got a whole lot better.

It's been a month...

everyone okay?

I'm gonna try and be productive guys!

Today is a snow day (not that I want to go to school, but I don't feel like making it up at the end of the year, if you know what I mean) and I'm one of those people who get really bored really fast, especially if I can't leave the house. Thus, I will try and be productive and not addicted to my computer. And by that I mean writing a chapter in my story-which just so happens to be saved on my computer-and probably not cleaning my room.