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anyone else really like Danger Days? i was really excited for it last night and so i only got about...3 or 4 hours of sleep. i only got to listen to it for a little bit this morning cuz i had to leave for school (and we were thisclose to having a snow day...if only the wind would've picked up a little bit).

yeah. that's about the only exciting thing that's happened recently.


Danger Days comes out tomorrow!!!!! super excited. sadly i can only enjoy the songs for a short amount of time-because iPods aren't allowed on school grounds. :(


so i just got home from Harry Potter (excellent movie by the way) and like two minutes ago, the house was like alive. my parents were talking and my sister was playing in her room. now all of a sudden it's like deathly silent, like i'm home alone or something. well...this isn't slightly freaky.

any ideas?

1.) as i may have mentioned earlier...i have to wear matching t-shirts to disney world. and the only differences between each shirt is that each person's name is going to be highlighted a different color. i think-i'm not 100% sure-we have to all wear our matching shirts on the same day. i really really really don't want to...i wanna avoid wearing mine and matching the others if at all possible. soo....any ideas on how to get out of this?(cuz i think it's 'required' or whatever that i wear it)

2.) i am bored out of my mind with what i've learned on guitar.


i was watching the making of the black parade video on youtube. and i just realized something:

Mikey looks almost exactly like my cousin (the only difference is the hair). it was sooo creepy cuz my cousin also plays bass for a band. it's like they could switch places and it would take me a couple seconds to figure it out.

it was....slightly creepy.

uhhh, i'm really bored and have nothing to do...(does this count as a title?)

ummmmm i'm really bored.
anyone got any suggestions for songs i could teach myself on guitar? (cuz i'm bored with what i have)

what else...?

oh yeah. i get to go to disney world in a couple weeks. (that's the good part)
and, we have to wear matching t-shirts. (that's the not so good part)
and i highly doubt i can get out of wearing mine. (that's the really not so good part)


this is how bored i get

i went on youtube (lack of something to do) and i looked up My Chemical Romance (of course.) and i found....THE SHOE TYING SONG!!! (sorry if i spell anything wrong. i'm tired and can't spell) it's a good song and only My Chem is capable of writing a song that awesome. ;) (only when i told my grandma about it she said i was crazy.) it's not really a song...but i still like it.

still bored beyond belief.
have 'i write sins not tradgedies' by Panic! at the Disco stuck in my head. it's starting to annoy me.

note from me

so, there's about 13 days left until Danger Days comes out (not counting today). and yeah, the wait is killing me. i think they should just release the album early.
i absolutely hate it when i get a song stuck in my head when i havent heard it in a while or i dont know the title. dunno why, that just annoys me for some reason.

i'm really super bored. i'm babysitting, and i just put the kid to bed and so i have nothing to do now.

life's good

life is good :)

i actually aced a math test (which is a first for me considering the fact i suck at math)

does anyone else completely suck at video games?

still have no clue who i'm going to do for a 'leadership'* class report

*leadership class...i've been in it for a couple weeks and couldn't tell you what it is. it's like learning about stocks and leadership and careers and stuff. i honestly don't care too terribly much for it.

anyone heard of a band called 'The Pretty Reckless'? if you haven't they're really good. they have only one album (that i know of).

yeah. life's good.

need your opinion

so for 'leadership' class (which i find boring cuz the teacher enjoys lecturing) we have to do a report on someone we think is a leader. the teacher didn't really give details but i still decided to think about it. i am thinking about doing Gerard? whaddya think? (feedback is appreciated.)