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life long lessons! (ha ha, not really)

okay, i am posting things that my friends and i have learned (because i am bored):

*when you put your iPod through the wash, it doesn't work anymore (and if your friend does this, don't laugh because she will hurt you)

*don't wear a white shirt and eat spaghetti

*running away from the assistant principal at school doesn't do you any good (which i will explain in a later posting)

*don't drink anything w/ caffeine before you go to bed and expect to get some sleep.

*don't watch a scary movie and go to bed and expect to sleep

*don't drink red bull and watch paranormal activity before going to

I'm Not Okay (I Promise)...

so, i finally figured out a way to kinda stand out from the crowd at school...and that would be to tie my favorite bandanna (hot pink w/ skulls, don't have an mcr one yet) to my belt loop. turns out, that is against the dress code and highly frowned upon. (the principal followed me to 6th hour and chewed me out. it was actually kinda funny, considering the fact he lets girls wear clothes five times too small...) so, i've decided to wear a scarf. hopefully i won't get in trouble for this. the student handbook does NOT say i can't wear a scarf to school....
lets see...oh.

i am going to make an attempt at some fanfic

i have tried in the past to create some sort of fan fiction, and it really didn't work.
so, before i make myself look really stupid, i need some things explained so if you guys could help, thanks!
-what does an exterminator do?
-what is a drac and what do they do?
-what is BLI?
-what is scarecrow?
-what exactly are zones?
-what do the killjoys do-just hang out in the zones? (wow that sounded beyond stupid)

(i have an idea about some of these, i just wanted to make sure that my ideas were correct before i started anything)


i'm bored...

okay. i'm bored, i have no homework, and i really don't feel like cleaning my room; so i'm just gonna post a bunch of stuff that really has no relation whatsoever.

first, i just wanted to say thank you to MCR. the past few weeks were very dark and sad and they kept me from losing my mind.

second, i had this really weird dream that i was in my social studies class from last year and out of no where Mikey walks into the room. then my ever so kind alarm clock woke me up. (dammit)

and i don't really know why i'm posting this....but for some reason i've been listening to these songs nonstop

can someone please explain this to me?

hey can someone please explain to me what 'ferard' is? i've read it a lot and i have no clue what it is.

MCR on Conan...

i am watching this tonight, and i will watch it on the TV downstairs if i have to! (and that tv sucks, but whatever.) i told my parents and they sorta looked at me in a way that said 'I need help.' it was funny.

i need suggestions

so, my friend and i are making a comic book about people we strongly dislike. we've already got doodling on pictures with a Sharpie. any other suggestions???



so, hope you guys have a good new year. how are you celebrating? anyone else watching the Twilight Zone marathon? i'm going to try, as my sister likes having complete control of the tv.

long time no post

i haven't posted anything in awhile. and that's mostly because i'm so paranoid that my parents are going to like, i dunno, read what i've posted or get into my account or something, even though i know they wouldn't do that. so, i have to figure out a way to post it without being all paranoid about it... well this will be interesting.
lets see...what's new?
i get to wait until Wednesday until break (grrr.)
my mom's friend let me play his Les Paul for about a month or so, and i had to give it back last week. that was a very sad day. i loved playing that guitar so much
i have four people to

sorry, just found this funny.

does this need words?