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where is the sun? isn't it supposed to be summer?

it doesn't look like the sun's gonna be out today. normally it would be out by now. but it isn't. it looks like it's gonna rain. i mean, i like rain, but it's been raining on and off since most of last week. i'm kinda sick of it. WHERE IS THE SUN?!?!

oh great now it's raining.

i am who i am.

so, i've been noticing a couple things lately. the first thing is that i used to be somewhat close to my mom, especially when it came to creativity, but now when i finish a drawing or something i'm proud of, she doesn't act like she cares anymore. i know that she draws things more along the lines of portraits and things like that, while i'm more into cartooning, but portraits and cartoons have the same basic concept. i've noticed that when i finish or i'm in the middle of a cartoon or a short story, my dad and both my grandmas are (or act) sincerely interested.

settling an argument.

i am in the middle of an argument with my best friend.
we watched the Na Na and Sing videos and she says Mike's shirt looks like it was run over by a dump truck and that is how the pattern got on there.
i say that it doesn't look like tire tracks and more like some kind of creative stripe/spot pattern.
she also said that at the very end of the Na Na video when they are on the ground that everybody is dead except Gerard and only because i pointed out he blinked and he was breathing (this was before she watched SING) and dead people don't breathe or blink . and obviously they DIDN'T die

driving update

my dad finally taught me how to drive!! it went...well. not bad. almost ran into a curb and oncoming traffic (someone was pulling into the parking lot i was in...) but i didn't crash!! then again i killed the car about once every 2 minutes....(it was a stick shift...)


I GOT AN A ON MY MATH TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just so everybody knows.....

that is my first A in I dunno how long...



okay, so I have most of my killjoy story planned out...i just need to
1. get myself to find a notebook and a working pen (hate writing with pencils..)
2. find a good starting point (or just start in the middle and do the beginning later...)
3. write the friggin' story!!!!!!

i am such a procrastinator. that's probably why i still have my science homework to do. eh, i probably won't do it, or get it done five seconds before it's due. it's very likely it won't be an A+ paper, but....yeah i really don't care.

...i'm bored.

but hey, what else is new?! um, let's see...oh yeah! so my dad told me that as soon as school was out, he would teach me how to drive. (i get to drive a stick shift. i'm doomed.) he's going to find a vacant lot and call the insurance agent and tell him to reserve a couple rooms in the hospital. i am insulted! okay, maybe i'm not the best at driving, as i've never tried it outside of video games, but i don't think i'll do THAT much damage...
and i was at the mall topic remodeled. (did that happen anywhere else??) and i'm not too sure i like it.

do ya think i would get in trouble again if i tied a scarf around my belt loop? or would that also be considered 'gang activity'?
and for the record, i saw someone wearing a navy blue bandanna (one of the ones a lot of people have...) as a head band. and was she asked to take it off? (no!)

hmm. maybe the principal makes a lot of biased decisions.


happy b-day Gerard!
you're AWESOME!

i got in trouble for accessorizing at school

sorry, just need to vent, even though this took place last friday.

okay, so it's kind of hard to make yourself stand out from the crowd at my school without looking like you're copying someone; so i decided to tie my bandanna (hot pink w/ skulls) to my belt loop. no one else had done it before. after three days of doing this, the assistant principal followed me from lunch to science yelling at me. it was kinda like: the bell rang, so i made my way to class, and the v.p.