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i know i just posted but i thought of something!

(i'm annoying my best friend with save yourself i'll hold them back.)

does anyone have any tips for writing a song? i know it's technically poetry, but whenever i write a poem it ends up sounding like a story and not like a song.

*just picture me staring at my computer screen having a total mind blank*
well, i guess i am kinda sad that danger days is over. twas fun while it lasted though, right? things i accomplished during the danger days era:
-taught my sister important phrases, such as the words 'na na na' and 'shut up and lemme see your jazz hands'
-got my best friend hooked on mcr
-got my best friend's little brother listening to some mcr songs.
-got na na on my other friend's top 10 playlist (which was hard)
-stayed sane on a road trip halfway across the country (which was hard as well)

uhh lets see what else?

Happy Bobs birthday!!

Happy bob's birthday everyone!! Im at my friends celebrating new years eve (by watching life on the murder scene and star wars) when she gave me the newspaper and was like "hey I found bob's name in the paper" (under the celebrity birthday column). I love that but it confuses me-they list bob's birthday but not any other MCR birthdays...I'm confused now. Oh well...confusion can be a lovely state.

if anyone knows any good conversation starters...please tell me.

quick lil' explanation:
after holiday break i plan on sitting with some other people (meaning the guy i like and his friends) during lunch as i would like 'a change in scenery' (i won't get into details). i'm incredibly shy so this is a little scary for me.

I woke up with bvb's 'the gunsling' stuck in my head....(???)

weird right? i haven't listened to it for awhile...i should go listen to it...

I guess what it really boils down to is I need to vent.
Okay, so for once I have a good group of friends. there's 5 of us total, and I'm the third wheel! Normally I don't mind it too terribly much, but sometimes it's kind of depressing. I really want to add a sixth person to the group so I don't feel so left out when the others are...well...making it known they're paired off.
And my mom and I have been relatively close, but lately it feels like I'm not getting any attention.

I'm goin to live forever...or die trying!!!

Sounds like a good plan to me.


i don't really know what to talk about, but i feel like i should post something since i haven't been on in awhile.
first of all, i found out that the guy i like likes me back(!!!). and i don't know what to do from here (if you have ANY ideas pleeeaaasseee let me know!) cuz i'm somewhat shy.
and i'm considering posting some fanfic on here. for some reason i'm hesitant....but i don't know why i should be because i was told that it was good so far. maybe it's some weird form of stage fright.
oh, and has anyone seen the chance and andy episodes on youtube?

so i'm really hyper and i dunno why.

i think its cuz i had some candy but i usually don't get THIS hyper when i have candy. hell i don't get hyper AT ALL when i have candy! but yeah i'm really hyper and i can't sit still and so yeah.


I'm on when i should be doing homework, but in my opinion Frank's birthday is more important than a civics essay.

To the guy who inspired me to stick with playing guitar when i almost gave it up.
To the guy who wrote Pencey Prep's 8th Grade, which kept me sane in 8th
Happy birthday Frank!!


I haven't posted inna while! I'm at my friends house and starting to question her sanity/well being (seriously she just asked me in an Italian meets Swedish accent if I would like to have a lightsaber duel. Apparently it's Killjoys vs Jedis. Oh well this is exactly why we're friends)
My science teacher has mono. I dont know how long it lasts...but i guess I'm sorta happy (not intending to to sound mean but she and I do NOT get along. At all. Science time=demotivational time)
Ok yeah I guess that's it. My friend is being a little psycho. Im gonna make sure she doesn't hurt herself.