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My singing thing is tonight and I'm sooo freaked out!! It feels like I'm going to throw up or piss my pants or something-and it isn't for several hours yet! It's going to be a small crowd, only about 5 or 6 people, 7 at most and my coach is having my sister and her friend do some dance thing to ease the anxiety. I think my biggest fear is that I'm going to screw up somehow, even though the event is super relaxed and casual.
I think if I keep breathing, I should be okay.
Wish me luck!

General Rules I Learned while Intertubing the other Day

I went intertubing with my aunt the other day for the first time and got all banged up-part of my left leg is scraped and so is my lower back so here goes:
1. Don't share an intertube. We had 2 but one was deflated so we tried sharing one but we didn't get the whole 'balance' thing down so we fell and I got sort of dragged along the bottom of the river.
2. Don't fight the current when near some sharp looking big rocks. And now that my friends is how my leg got scraped up.

My ponytail is green and other random things

Finally dyed my hair again! It's kind of hard to describe, but what we did was pull back the top layer of hair and dye everything underneath alternating streaks of emerald, dark purple and fuschia. I'm just terrified of it fading because it only took an hour (not bad) but we needed three people working at once to get it done right. Looks really cool though.

Went intertubing with my aunt after supper. It was fun except for the part with all the big rocks being in the river/creek thing. We had to take turns because we had two floaty things and one was mostly deflated.


'nuff said.

Ear Piercing?

I want to repierce my second holes. I had them pierced at Claire's at the beginning of June, but after a few weeks, they got really irritated and swollen, so I took them out a few days before I was supposed to. A few days later, my mom and I tried shoving them back in, but the earring wouldn't go back in. I've been doing some research and found out that it's best to do it at Claire's and not Wal Mart, and it's better to do it at a tattoo/piercing place than at Claires. I talked to the person at Claire's and she said that I should probably go with gold earrings to avoid swelling.


yep, title says it all. Thing is, I don't know how to get started. I can't multitask, so singing and playing an instrument is out of the question. I guess I could say that I'm being trained classically (I'm not exactly sure in which style i'm being taught in, but i'm pretty sure it's classical) so i can get the basics down. What all would I need to know in order to sing along to something that isn't a piano? like what notes would I need to sing in order to sound good with a different instrument? and how do i go about starting a band?


Happy IMCRD!! =)

Happy International MCR Day everyone! Would this be the appropriate time to thank MCR for keeping me sane-ish for the 2 years I've been a fan? Well if it isn't-too bad! I remember there was a point where I didn't want to go to school (because it was hell) and in a way they reminded me that it was going to get better and kept me from being sad all the time. Oh and they also have inspired me to break out of my shell and be my own person and not reallly give a damn as to what everybody else thinks. so yeah...
Frank-makes me feel better about being short
Gerard-reminds me that it's okay to be a

So my voice teacher (what is the technical term for that, by the way?) gave me this weeks assignment, which is I have to find a singer (or musician I guess, she was sorta vague)and write about their music experience/background and how they are an inspiration. Do you guys have any ideas??

Happy Birthday Ray!!!!
Needles and things like that

a few weeks ago i pierced my ears for a second hole, which was plenty scary because the pointy part of the earrings reminded me of a needle. while i was on a trip with my grandparents, my grandma and i had to take the earrings out because my ears were getting really red and irritated. i left them out for about 4 or 5 days so they could heal a bit. a couple nights ago my mom and i tried to put the earrings back in so i wouldn't have to get the hole repierced.