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I love hair dye

Hey! So lately, I've been itching to dye my hair again-I have been resisting the urge to do my entire head again for about 2 years now you all should be proud-and I'm thinking I kinda really really wanna do a shade of red.
I've done chestnut, black, and a really dark plum color. The black and dark plum were a pain because my hair's like a dirty blonde/gold blonde color and it grows kinda fast so I had to go out and buy things for touchups like every two weeks-three if I pushed it and wore a hat because I'm somewhat broke I'm gonna go with a shade of red that's relatively close to my actual hair color, so maybe like a light copper or something like that...I dunno...I'll be spending a lot of time at Target this weekend figuring out I guess..

I'm sorry but this just made me upset:

Typically, my outfits consist of worn out jeans, band t-shirts, my dirty Converse sneakers, Batman watch (damn straight I have a Batman watch..BE JEALOUS!), and a hoodie or jean jacket if I'm cold or something. Sometimes I straighten or curl my hair, sometimes I wear a little jewelry, just kind of whenever I feel like it.
Yesterday, I was feeling like it was a plaid sort of day, so I wore my purple and pink plaid overshirt with a dark blue t-shirt. I also switched my earrings because the ones I was wearing were getting old and what the hell I felt like wearing danglies and I wore a necklace. To me, this was no big deal, because I wore a variation of that nearly every day last year.

It's a vicious cycle.

Long story short: I survived the first week of school. But just barely, as my tolerance for people is abnormally low. I mean, it's already kind of low in the first place: being around people drains me and with school and work and family I'm getting really tired really fast.
It's a vicious cycle now that I think about it:
1. I for some reason work late, and since it takes me awhile to calm down at the end of the day, I generally won't get to sleep until 11.30 or 12, which gives me 6.5 hours of sleep. No big deal, but more would be nice.
2. Since I'm always kinda tired, I'm terrified of doing poorly at school this year, even though I'm super organized and am taking all but one easy class (I just really love physics okay guys?!) .

This Site Continues Giving Me False Hope.

So each time I log on I get the little message saying that I have a friend request waiting and I get excited like "yay someone wants to be friends!!!" but then I get this.

Anyone Here Like Newsies?

I know that's kind of a random question, however it's still a valid one. I recently re-watched the 1992 movie and have been listening to the Broadway versions of the songs nonstop the past two weeks. I was just wondering if anyone here liked the movie and wanted to talk about it with me via messaging? I don't know anyone who would watch it (I can't really picture my best friend watching it with me, and nobody at work cares much for musical), which really bums me out, since I wanna talk about it.

I really hate panic attacks guys. (excuse bad grammar and whatnot)

Okay so to keep things short and simple I'm kind of an anxious person and some of the time, the littlest things can throw me into an anxiety/panic attack, although it's kind of rare. Normally they only last a few seconds and then I'm fine and go about my day, but for some reason just a few minutes ago I got hit really hard by a really bad one and I have no idea why-I was just sitting in front of my computer and listening to the Newsies soundtrack (don't judge!

Tattoo Musings and Writing Frustrations.

I really like talking about those things, so this'll probably be part one of many.
I've been fascinated with tattoos for years-as a kid I was always kind of nervous around people with them, mainly because no one in my family had them and I've been drawing on myself since I was about eleven or twelve, although that briefly stopped when I went to Catholic school.
I actually would love to have a tattoo (or several), and I have an idea as to what I'd get and where they'd be, but 1) I have a fear of needles.

Hey can someone clue me in a little bit please?

Hi there, I was just wondering if you guys could possibly help me?
Okay well what are the members of MCR doing now? I know that Frank's in another band (from the front page of the news portion of this site), but what are Gerard, Mikey and Ray all doing? I can't seem to find anything on YouTube and was wondering if I possibly missed something?

Thank you so much!

Hi Guys!

Hey! I haven't been on in forever! Recently I've been on an MCR kick (before that it was Disney songs-don't judge!!) which caused me to come back on here. So yeah.
A lot has changed since I've posed routinely--I don't wanna say I've grown up but I've changed. I'm not bullied anymore (thank God!!!), I'm more like that kid that people know who I am, but they don't really talk to me or anything (which I'm cool with), and I've got a pretty awesome group of friends for the first time since like fourth grade.

It's Been Forever!!

Hey guys! It's been forever since I've logged on. No specific reason really, just never exactly got around to it. Let's see...what's happened since I was last on. I started writing more stories. I went to a Rob Zombie concert. I haven't cleaned my room. I've gotten employed and that's about it.
What's up with you all? How's it going?