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happy easter :)

i think for what is he first time in my life i have too much chocolate. crazy right?

you guys are awesome :)

since i have nothing else to do, i may as well say how proud i am to be in the mcrmy right now. i always feel most like myself when im online here or listening to mcr when the rest of the world just seems so fake and kinda irritating. so yeah. all you killjoys are the best so keep being awesome! and happy easter :)

hello killjoys :)

hello everyone! i hope you are all enjoying holidays- i am at my cousins' for easter which means i am surrounded by small, hysterical children. i have already been taken hosatge twice. i get the feeling they dont like me very much.
anyway- i hope you guys are all having a great holiday- and of course how can i post this without congratulating frank and jamia on thier son, miles. im sure him and bandit will be great friends and they will both grow up to become amazing whatever path they take (afterall who couldnt with those genes!)


all of my favourite tops have decided to mysteriously disappear. seriously i cant find them anywhere and i have barely anything i actually like wearing left so i have come to the conclusion that either we have a carnivorous washing machine on our hands or i am being haunted by some sort of deranged poltergeist with a fetish for teenage fashion. either way i am in a bad mood :(
anyway happy easter weekend to all you guys! make sure to east loads of chocolate :)

im lazy

i should do all the days i missed. but im just too lazy ;)

is there something wrong with me?

i feel really heavy. and sick. i want to cry but i cant. it feels like the world is a really ugky place right now.

hello :)

so... what to post about. its neally the end of term- one more day to go! cant wait to just take some time off and just think things over y'know? also we had a history test today, and my friend is dropping history next year and knew she was gonna fail anyway so (inspired by mikey of course) she wrote abou hitlers pet unicorn in the test. genuinely. also alot of the girls in my class seem to be getting boyfriends.

whats happening?!

has this site been taken over by spammers or something? where is everyone?!

30 days of mcr- day 10 :)

something random related to mcr: unicorns xD
30 day MCR challenge
Day 1 Favorite album
Day 2 Favorite song without a video
Day 3 Favorite song from Bullets
Day 4 Favorite song from Revenge
Day 5 Favorite song from Parade
Day 6 Favorite Frerard moment
Day 7 Favorite lyrics
Day 8 A song that makes you happy
Day 9 Favorite thing about Mikey
Day 10 Something random related to MCR
Day 11 Favorite thing about Frank
Day 12 Favorite thing about Gerard
Day 13 Favorite picture of them
Day 14 Favorite member
Day 15 Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 16 Favorite music video
Day 17 Favorite video (not music

anyone else kinda like this guy?

so i never lisen to chart music but i really like ed sheeran. and he has ron frickin weasly in his video. whats not to like? anyone else agree?