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singitfortheworld42's blog

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ipod thing

so im gonna do this cause it looks fun and i have nothing else to do except homework. so basically you put your ipod on shuffle and answer the questions. here goes:

If I had a band, it would be called: landslide (fleetwood mac)
When I die, my headstone will say: redundant (green day)
At my wedding, in my vows I will say: day tripper (the beatles)
If I could kill someone, I would kill them with: in the end (green day again)
When I leave school, I will be most remembered for: star me kitten (REM)
When my boy/girlfriend makes me mad I tell him/her: how you see the world (coldplay)
When I party I

my attempt at writing

hey guys! so ive decided to try my hand at posting a story since ive seen a lot of you doing it, but it has nothing to do with mcr (sorry) and i wrote it a while ago so im basically just copy and pasting it in. the idea is that its a kind of spin of on romeo and juliet, set in the futre. a bit odd i know but hey, i never said anything about normal. anyway, here goes- please tell me what you think and if i should carry on :)
Wait. Two seconds. Three. Go in for the surprise attack. My arm locks around his neck.


hey! so im new here and ive been seeing quite a few posts of stories and stuff by other members and i like to write so i was just wondering- can they be about anything? an would any of you take time to read it if i posted one? thanks :)

fashion is so confusing

so yesterday in english we had to analyse adverts and i was annotating one for this brand called coach but id never heard of it so i asked the girl next to me. she said she knew it so i asked her how expensive it was. she said, "think of it as below louis vuitton but a little above shenelle" is that meant to mean something to me?!

i am easily scared

just thought id randomly mention that i went to see the woman in black today. utterly terrifying.

still confused over here

hello sorry to bother you guys ive just joined and im still working out how to use this thing so err... how do like go to the next page of blogs cause right now i can only see the ones that have been really recently posted. and also, what exactly is the transmissions thing meant to do?
sorry i know i sound like an idiot but im completely new to all this i only ever use youtube :)

the stress of life

a biology test and a chemistry test on the same day! whatever happened to human rights :(

making progress over here

well ive got a profile picture now. guess thats something :)

i think this whole thing is beyond me...

hey! im new here and have no idea how this thing works. meh.