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haha bet that got your attention.
not really happy st patricks day- hope you all have fun :)

any suggestions?

hey guys :) so ive basically got the day to myself and im not sure what to do but i feel kinda... inspired. anyone know of something arty i could do which doesnt really require any artistic talent? i might just go decorate my room with various mcr related things or whatever. what are you guys doing?


another one of those weekends when i have nothing to do :(


goodnight world :)

stolen... again

so its that time again where i kill time by posting random stuff and embarass myself with the contents of my ipod. here goes.
Instructions: Put your favorite music player on shuffle (Party Shuffle on iTunes) and fill in the names of the songs in the order they show up. Or you could pick your own songs, but that’s not as much fun.

My friends see me as: to the end (MCR)
My make-out song is: beyond belief (elvis costello)

My day will be like: she (green day)

I’ll have a good day if I can just hear: i cant explain (the who)

Next time I’m in front of a crowd, I’ll say: here comes the sun (the

stolen cause im bored

1. Height: 5'9[ish]

2. Virgin? err.... yes!

3. Shoe size: 8

4. Sexual Orientation: not sure- probably straight?

5. Do you smoke? No.

6. Do you drink? No.

7. Do you take drugs? No.

8. Age you get mistaken for: well i am almost 14 and i got mistaken for my 7 year old brothers mum. pretty much speaks for itself.

9. Tattoos? Nope

10. Piercings? My ears

11. Best friend? not really. a group i guess :)
12. Relationship status: not in a relantionship, not exactly planning on it either.

13. Favorite movies: thats a tough one. i love stuff by baz lurhman- i think hes a genius.

what have i done now

so my ipod had this massive crack in it- seriously there were bits falling off, so it got sent off for repair- it was gone for a week and it came back last friday. and then, just when id had it back for a week, i find it cracked again. again! no this is serious people if it breaks this time there no way my parents wil let me get it repaired again- and how am i supposed to live without mcr on the way to school!

advice needed

hey guys :)
so this is going to sound crazy but here goes-
lately i have been feeling kinda...personalityless. at school i just feel kinda numb and monatone- and i always have a lump in my throat like im about to cry. i wouldnt say im entirely unhappy or anything, i just want to feel more like myself. i know people in my class dont really like me (not including my friends) but i think thats just cause i am really uncomfortable around people at school who radiate confidence- but i get annoyed with people who think im shy. im not.


hello my fellow killjoys:) i am currently trying to revise for biology, chemistry and latin- alll of which i have a test in tommorrow- wish me luck!


grrrrr i wish people would stop spamming on this thing :(