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That moment...

When I first heard disenchanted. Wow.
I don't know why I felt the need to post that...

WHY can i not change my profile picture?

grrr. :(

What happened???

What happened to all my self confidence? What happened to that girl who, sure, was pretty quiet at school but would always find herself sitting with a group of adults at a party or with with friends and ended up talking so godamned loud someone would have to tell her to shut the hell up? Where did all this self doubt come from, all this not liking the person you are, putting yourself down, comparing yourself to others? Where is that girl who was happy to be herself, and, most importantly, how do I get her back?


stressing out so badly i have exams tommorrow and i dont feel like i know half of what im supposed to- i know i shouldnt have music on while im revising but i keep finding myself staring at something for ages and realised all im doing is listening to green day and not actually absorbing any information. anyone know any revsion tecniques?

random question

Anyone here ever had one of those really embarrassing moments that you're still thinking about months later and when you think about it you can hardly take yourself seriously?

this happening to anyone else?

when i go on my friends list, there are suddenly hundreds of people (including the actual guys with the red star beside them) its like a list of everyone on this site has suddenly appeared on my friends list. anyone else experiencing this?

meh :(

ill, miserable and meant to be revising :(

i cant take this anymore!

have been revising for 4 hours now and i still havent got anywhere. i also have 6 subjects im meant to be revising today and ive only made a start on one.

a question i really need answering right now

what do you guys do to feel good about yourself when you feel slightly useless?

have I made a mistake....?

Today me and my friend were talking about religion and our different beliefs. She's really religious and I'm not at all.
I said that the thing that got I me most about religion was all these pointless rules, for example getting sent to hell if you were gay (which I know isn't what everyone believes but it is what she does). Anyway we were talking about this and I basically ended up saying something to the effect of
'yes but I've had crushes on girls before and if I acted on it would that make me a bad person?'
I regretted it as soon as I'd said it... I suppose I'd been keeping all of this