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Famous Living Dead (part 30)

Ray's P.O.V:
I continued to slash through zombie throats with my knife, and watch them fall lifelessly onto the ground, twitching less and less every minute. I was in the zone, and nothing could stop me. I pulled out my .45, and began to shoot at the zombies that were chasing Mikey. Bang, screech, thump. Bang, screech, thump. I had found my rhythm.

Frank's P.O.V:
“I'm Frank.” I mumbled. “Huh? I didn't hear you.” Zoe smirked. “Frank.” “What??” “It's FRANK GODAMMIT! FRANK! F-R-A-N-K!” I yelled. “I can tell you already don't like me.” She laughed to herself.

Readers of Famous Living Dead, and my friends on this site...

i broke my right thumb (and im right handed >.<) this 4 year old jumped on it and broke it, aint that just lovely? XP so im gonna be slow when i post FLD or when i message you guys cuz its kinda hard to type... and text. hah, texting with one thumb is harder than you think. i dare ya to try it ;) so i hope you guys can be patient, and yaaa.... thats all i have to say...
OH! i saw this kid wearing an MCR shirt!! :D i wanted to talk to him, but he was with his boyfriend... and i didnt want to "disturb" them... heh. but im happy for them :P

-Artistic Agony x_x

Famous Living Dead (part 29)

I just wanna say... Happy birfday Zombie!!! :3
Love, natasha <3

Frank's P.O.V:
My original plan was to take a walk, and hopefully calm down. But your original plans never seem to work out in the end. When I least expected it, a crowd of zombies started surrounding me. They literally came out of nowhere. I began to run, which is one of the best, or worst things you can do if you are being chased by a pack zombies. If you can find somewhere safe to hide or an escape, then running's your best chance. If you are in an open field, or you can't find anywhere to hide, then you're screwed.

Famous Living Dead (part 28)

Gerard's P.O.V:
My insecurity faded, and the feeling of love took over. I nuzzled my head deep into my brother's collarbone and hugged him tighter. “Thanks Mikey.” I faintly smiled as I let go of him. “You're my brother, I'll always have your back.” Mikey patted my shoulder, and I nodded. “Where's Frank?” I curiously asked. “Oh shit... Frank...”

Mikey's P.O.V:
I'm ashamed to say that I completely forgot about Frank, and how he stormed out in anger. “Uhh, hold on Gee.” I quickly said as I jumped out of the van. “Where is he?!” I heard Gerard yell from inside, but I didn't answer.

Pure happiness.

I sprint to my room, and close the door shut. I pull up the blinds, and open the window wide, as light pours into the icy room, and the wide rustles my hair. I make myself comfortable on the carpet, and hold my darlings in my shaking hands. My fingers twitch, and my smile is a mile wide. I gingerly place my darling into the CD player, and close it shut. My finger shakes from excitement as I press 'play.' The sweet sound of music invades the space around me, and it tickles my ears. I escape to a world with no worries, and pure happiness. Pleasure.
The sense of getting a new CD... is a feeling

Famous Living Dead (part 27)

Gerard's P.O.V:
My eyes felt like they weighed 100 pounds. They slowly began to droop down, preparing me for a restful slumber, but then the door opened, and I awoke. “Gerard?” It was Mikey. He didn't wait for my answer, so he just climbed into the back seat with me. “What do you want?” I mumbled as I pulled the blanket over my head. “I want to talk to you. Brother to brother.” Mikey peeled the blanket off my body, and sincerely stared at me. “Remember that time when I was eight, and you were eleven? We were walking together from school.” He began. “No Mikey, not this story.

Famous Living Dead (part 26)

Mikey's P.O.V:
Frank slowly got out of the van. He looked like a dog with a tail between it's legs. “What's wrong?” Ray asked as he set his guitar to the side, and concerned over Frank. “Nothing, I'm fine.” He weakly said. Frank sat down, leaning his back against the van. He let out a painful sigh, and stared into the starry sky. “Why can't I do anything right?” He muttered to himself. “Frank, really, what's wrong?” Ray sincerely asked. “My life sucks.” He blurted as he clamped his eyes shut, and made his hand into a gun shape. He pretended to shoot his temple. “Frank stop it!” I demanded.

Famous Living Dead (part 25)

Mikey's P.O.V:
Life was a lot harder now. We didn't have permanent homes, so we traveled, slept, ate, changed, and hung out in the van. Sure it got crowded and we got annoyed with each other, but we're all family. In the end, we all knew we loved each other.

Gerard's P.O.V:
The sky was completely black. The only source of light, were the dim stars that emptily scattered the horizon, and the thin, round clipping of the moon that seemed to brag about it's brightness. Ray grabbed his guitar, and headed outside, as Frank and Mikey made a small camp fire near the van.

Famous Living Dead (part 24)

Ray's P.O.V:
Breakfast was a disaster. I don't need to explain it for you to imagine what happened.

Mikey's P.O.V:
All of us had so much sympathy for Gerard. I couldn't imagine how he must of felt like, and honestly, I really didn't want to. He was just starting to get used to living his life normally -well, since when has OUR lifestyle been “normal?”- and I couldn't bare to look at the frustration on his face when he couldn't do something that he originally could with both of his arms. Gerard would have the weakest voice when he had to call someone for help.

Famous Living Dead (part 23)

Gerard's P.O.V:
It felt as though my arm was being twisted off. Like some disgusting, evil creature that enjoyed watching pain, was slowly twisting my arm until it popped out of my socket, then snapped it in half. Even though it was just my arm, I could feel the pain EVERYWHERE in my body. Talking about what I went throug was too much to bare. When I talk about it, I think about it, when I think about it, I remember it, when I remember it, I feel it.
Ray disinfected my arm, and wrapped the “nub” where my arm used to be, in several layers of gauze.